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  • Carol
    Excellent advice Anne, I am planning on getting my blood pressure checked at next Dr. visit. I ve always been high-normal, whatever that means lol. My dr.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
      Excellent advice Anne, I am planning on getting my blood pressure checked at next
      Dr. visit. I've always been high-normal, whatever that means lol. My dr. has me
      on diuretics (sp) for hot weather, I'm supposed to take one a day. Of course, I
      usually forget....then take one when I'm bloated. The Dr. hates to have to put
      someone on high blood pressure pills cuz you have to take them for life. So I'm
      trying to manage it myself. Then I read about how HCV might affect our kidneys,
      so I don't to put too much of a load on them.

      As far as stress, I had a very stressful last few weeks, a car accident, car
      totalled, making a settlement for my car etc etc. It all turned out good, I got
      a bigger settlement than I ever dreamed of :-}}} So the way I handled that
      stress was to have a "super quiet weekend" last weekend. I turned off the phone,
      tried not to watch tv, I just totally relaxed....my son was away for that weekend
      too. So it was just me and the cat. My heart rate went from 120 beats a minute
      down to a normal rate. The stress is off me now....at least that stress is. I
      just gotta remember to breathe slowly and deeply at times....I'm sure you know
      what I mean.

      I gotta admit I haven't given up my tea...I'm not a coffee drinker...but I went
      from putting 2 teabags in the pot to putting in 1.....and drinking only 3 cups a
      day, then I switch to water. As far as smoking....well, I'm not ready to give
      that one up yet but I'll know when the time comes when to quit. Like you say, we
      gotta have some crutch....life is too hard to give up everything at once. It
      would only increase the stress. Right now, my priority is to work on the stress.

      Thanks Anne

      AVansi7465@... wrote:

      > Dear Carol,
      > Right now, I'm downsizing and moving to a new houaw, excuse me a less old
      > house.
      > When I was on treatment, I ate whatever I didn't thrrrow up. For reasons
      > that defy my intelligence, most of those things were dairy products. I love
      > my calcium.
      > I did give up caffiene and alcohol. It was a LOT HARDER for me to give up my
      > coffee than it was to give up the booze.
      > I still haven't given up ciagrettes, yet. Obviously, I have to have a
      > crutch. Okay, I'm not as tough as I thought I was.
      > One piece of advice, watch your blood pressure. In some women who are
      > addicted to nicotine, your blood pressure may rise. I don't know how you
      > deal with stress, or how much stress you have in your life, but right now,
      > might not be the best time to take on that project. Deal with one thing at a
      > time...........and hope that nobody else throws you a curve ball.
      > Good luck,
      > Anne
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