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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Rebetrol

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  • Pat
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31 11:54 AM
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      <<due to my type 2b 3-6 months treatment. And like i
      > said, i hv read
      > a lot of places on the internet that if u do not
      > respond after 3
      > months they will take u off treatment. I wd at least
      > want the full6
      > months chance. >>

      Well, I wouldn't trust any pcr at only 3 months, just my personal opinion. My gastros check it at 6 mo. I know a few people with advanced liver disease who were pcr positive at 6 months but continued on anyway, and a year later they were undetected. One lady I know in Maryland did 2 years of combo (in a study), went undetected after a year and now has been undeteced for 3 years.

      There have even been some studies where even the geno 2's and 3's relapse with only 6 months treatment. My GI usually gives them the option of continuing past the 6 months.

      A lot depends on you and your doc and your situation.



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