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  • alley/Patricia
    This has zero interest for soc.culture.jewish. Stop cross posting to this forum. Thomas Keske wrote in message
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      This has zero interest for soc.culture.jewish. Stop cross posting to this
      Thomas Keske <TKeske@...> wrote in message
      > What we need to get to the bottom of it is new Nuremberg trials....
      > http://gaytoday.badpuppy.com/garchive/health/081897he.htm
      > The following excerpted from QUEER BLOOD: The Secret AIDS Genocide
      > Plot by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. The book is available from ARIES
      > Rising Press, P.O. Box 29532, Los Angeles, California 90029 $12.95
      > (telephone: 213-462-6458):
      > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      > A rare published account of a volunteer injected in the gay
      > experiment appears in AIDS: The Ultimate Challenge. Elisabeth Kubler-
      > Ross recounts Peter's story through the words of an ex-alcoholic drug
      > abuser and prostitute who cared for Peter during his last months. In
      > 1980 Peter volunteered for the hepatitis B experiment in San
      > Francisco. He recalled being taken into a room and injected. The
      > nurse said, "Oh, don't worry. We're not giving you anything that will
      > make you sick." Peter "said that he was told that a couple of times,
      > and that after the injection he worried and was very sorry that he
      > had been a part of the study. He was convinced that it was an
      > experimentation of viruses that got out of hand."
      > Peter was convinced that this is how the AIDS virus got started in
      > the gay community. "He had an enormous amount of anger about it and
      > it seemed that, at the time he was telling me about the story, most
      > of the people that were in the hepatitis B study had already died of
      > AIDS. A lot of his fear and anger came from that."
      > Another angry gay man, who was injected in the experiment at the New
      > York City Blood Center, wrote a letter published in the New York
      > Native (July 30, 1990). He was a participant in the experiment for
      > four years, and recalled all the time and energy he devoted to it.
      > Now he was enraged that no outcomes of the study were being published.
      > On multiple occasions he protested to Cladd Stevens, director of the
      > Epidemiology unit at the Center.
      > In August 1989, when the tone of his protests got louder, he received
      > a letter from Dr. Stevens "acknowledging that their last major
      > article had been published in JAMA in 1986, and that they had not
      > published since. She promised at that time to send a newsletter to
      > participants updating them on publications and other plans that never
      > happened.
      > The gay volunteer was distraught. "As I see friends and acquaintances
      > die all around me, I cannot but feel enraged by this waste of money,
      > data, and people's time." He complained about the ethics of the Blood
      > Center. He received quarterly reports indicating the number of "T
      > cells" in the blood specimens he donated, but when his T cells
      > dropped to abnormal levels, the follow-up letters stopped arriving.
      > He worried: "Was this their subtle way of letting me know that I
      > should consult a specialist in a hurry? ... It came as no surprise to
      > me that when I left a recorded message at the Center in May of 1990
      > saying that I was dropping out of the study, no one even bothered to
      > call me back."
      > After studying the hepatitis B vaccine trials for so long, it is
      > difficult for me to imagine anyone who cannot see a connection
      > between the gay experiment and the "gay plague." After the
      > publication of AIDS and the Doctors of Death in 1988, I was not
      > surprised when further details on the "outcome" of the gay experiment
      > no longer appeared in the medical journals. The scientific world
      > wanted to forget Wolf Szmuness and his vaccine trials.
      > Although the evidence was circumstantial, it didn't take a rocket
      > scientist to figure out the connection between AIDS and the hepatitis
      > experiment. But during my study of the hepatitis trials, I had
      > overlooked the most obvious piece of evidence linking AIDS to
      > Szmuness' experiment. The strongest piece of evidence was in the
      > tremendous success of the vaccine trials!
      > According to June Goodfield: "In those (gay men) who received all
      > three injections, 96% developed antibodies against the (hepatitis)
      > virus. Overall, the vaccine was shown to be 92.3 percent effective in
      > protecting high risk individuals against hepatitis B; these findings
      > are of an order of magnitude that has never been equaled in any other
      > vaccine trial, either before or since."
      > The experiment could never have been so phenomenally successful if
      > the gay men were infected with HIV before the experiment!
      > The reason for this is now obvious. Recent studies have shown that
      > hepatitis B vaccination is not very successful in immunodepressed
      > people. In HIV-positive individuals, the success rate of the hepatitis
      > B vaccine is about 50%, only protecting one out of two people
      > infected with the AIDS virus.
      > The gay men in Szmuness' study were healthy before the experiment--
      > and damaged afterward. The experiment would have been a failure
      > (never 96% effective) if the immune systems of the men hadn't been
      > working at full capacity. The cohort was infected with HIV at the
      > time of the experiment--not before.

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