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Re: lurker ; places to find info on HCV and lab tests

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  • claudine intexas
    Hi Tammie, Don t let it worry you if you don t understand all this stuff right away. It s a lot to learn, and it takes time. Just keep reading and asking
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2001
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      Hi Tammie,
      Don't let it worry you if you don't understand
      all this stuff right away. It's a lot to learn, and
      it takes time. Just keep reading and asking questions,
      and pretty soon you will realize that it doesn't sound
      so much like a foreign language. I am posting some
      URLs to some good sites for looking up information on
      HCV, including some that explain most basic blood
      tests. Many of the HCV sites will have info explaining
      tests specific to HCV, such as the HCV-PCR, which is a
      viral load test.
      It is hard to understand why these other doctors
      brushed you off. Some doctors simply didn't know that
      HCV could be a serious disease - not much was known
      prior to about 10 years ago. Lack of insurance might
      have been a problem - the drugs and required lab tests
      can get very, very expensive. Who knows? The important
      thing is that you are finally getting all these tests
      As for what to ask your doctor, I would start a
      list now, and write down EVERYTHING you have a
      question about. (I would definitely ask about having a
      biopsy done, and also make sure a PCR and genotype is
      done.) Then, before you go for your appointment, sit
      down and prioritize and organize your list. Put the
      most important things first. Take the list with you
      and give it to your doctor. However, if you're
      anything like me you will still have questions
      afterwards. I never remember all my questions when I'm
      in the doc's office! Get copies of all your lab
      results. That way you can look up stuff yourself in
      your free time.
      Here are the URLs to sites that may be helpful
      to you. I haven't checked them for a while, hopefully
      they all still are correct. Good luck!

      LeighAnn's Hepatitis C Home

      http://www.hepcprimer.com/ #1 Hepatitis C
      Primer -
      Information about the Hepatitis C Virus

      http://hepatitis-central.com (Hepatitis-Central)

      http://www.zebra.net/~elcazador/continue.htm (various)

      http://www.hepatitisneighborhood.com/ Hepatitis
      Neighborhood (This is a Priority Health Care site,
      fairly new and still under construction, but they have
      some very good moderated chats with various hepatitis

      http://www.hcvadvocate.org/ (An 'on-line' monthly HCV
      magazine. Great articles every month.)

      http://www.carbonbased.com/cbcblood.htm (Basic info on
      basic blood test results, normal and abnormal.)

      http://www.springnet.com/ce/liver.htm (liver function
      tests, more)

      http://www.hepatitisdoctor.com/ Hepatitis Doctor

      http://liverdisease.com/diet.html (Dr. Melissa
      Palmer's site.)

      http://www.rxlist.com/ RX Drug info (a very good site
      to look up information on any prescription or
      non-prescription drug. Even some info on herbs can be

      http://www.tnp.com/ The Natural Pharmacist (One of
      the best sites I've found for looking up herbs and
      their uses, side effects, and possible drug

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