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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Maybe one of you have an idea?

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  • Arkhepcgal@aol.com
    Hi, thanks soooo much for your response. Of course, the more I m trying to learn, the more I m getting confused. Maybe if I give you some more history, it
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 29, 2001
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      Hi, thanks soooo much for your response. Of course, the more I'm trying to
      learn, the more I'm getting confused. Maybe if I give you some more history,
      it would help.

      Had emergency abdominal surgery in 1983 for a perforated ulcer, received
      several units of blood with that. Then I had a gastric resection with a Bill
      Roth I, with the vegas nerves cut in 1984 because of silent ulcers, also with
      several units of blood. My gall bladder was removed in 1986 because of
      disease, no stones, and again, more blood was given. Since then, I've
      continued to have 'dumping symdrome' and chronic iron deficiency anemia that
      I must have iron injections for. Cannot absort iron any other way. In 1989,
      my hemo dropped to 3.5...I was hospitalized and given many units of blood.

      I was opened up in the same identical place for the 3 surgeries, and have
      gotten adhesions that will clamp on the small intestine, causing a blockage.
      When this happens, it's very painful and causes dry heaves for hours. I was
      told that if this goes on for more than 8 hours, I need to go to ER where I
      can get pumped.

      Okay, now for some more current history, I found out I had Hep C in 1998, had
      a liver biopsy in early 1999 that showed 'early cirrhosis' and did the
      standard combo for 6 months. I'm a 2b and went negative right away. I found
      I had relaped 6 months later, which I'm sure was because of major stress
      going on in my life--the pcr tested to 1,000 and gave a count of 390,000.
      Last October, had another pcr and it tested at 500 with a count of 70,000.
      Since then, I've found that I have emphysema, fibromyalgia, irritable bowl,
      and hypoglycemia that is getting much worse by the week. My regular md
      figured up that I had 7 different diseases/illnesses, 5 of which could be

      About two months ago, I began noticing my abdomen getting bigger but assumed
      it was because I wasn't on a proper diet. Lots of fast food and pizza cause
      I was just too exhausted to cook or even really shop for groceries.

      Since then, the abdomen has continued getting bigger and extends out rather
      sharply right at my breast bone, all the way across. I saw my liver doc on
      Tuesday--he thumped all around the abdomen area and said it sounded like I do
      have a pocket of fluid under my liver, on the right side, but that he thought
      I had gas in my middle and left side, so he said I should have a cat scan.

      I was surprised when I had to drink the barium. They also did inject the
      dye. I got very concerned when the tech came in and had me drink barium 2
      additional times because I had so much air, they could not see my pancreas.
      The tech said the barium was for the 'lower gi'. Also, after looking at how
      I was swelled at the breast bone, the tech asked me if I had any heart
      problems, which I don't think I do, but do have a lot of shortness of
      breath...not so much from the emphysema (very early stage), but because of
      the pressure of all the air. The tech said she would go higher to get some
      shots of my heart.

      I have started getting a small ache on my lower right side, under the liver,
      but that's the only place. I'm very, very uncomfortable because of all the
      swelling, but it's not what I would call painful. This swelling does not go
      down at all and seems to be getting bigger every week, judging by the way my
      clothes are fitting. I have actually only gained 3 pounds since April. I'm
      5'4" and my average weight is 125-130. I can only eat very small amounts at
      a time cause I just don't feel hungry and it seems that's all I have room
      for. I do not have excessive belching or 'farting'.

      I don't think I've run a fever, however, I did run out of prem-pro and so
      went through a few nights of some sweats, and the past several days, I get
      chilled easily, very unusual for me.

      I'm beginning to wonder if the small amount of fluid the liver doc said I had
      could be infected and that is causing the gas?

      Sorry this is so long, I know you are very busy, but I thought maybe if you
      knew my history it might shed some more light.

      I really appreciate all you do for the list and you are a great help.

      Thank you,

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