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  • Cynthia Morocco
    Simone Be grateful you didn t go on Infergen, it was soooo bad, 10 times worse than combo. I m a non-responder to both! Now in the running for new clinical
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2000
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      Be grateful you didn't go on Infergen,
      it was soooo bad, 10 times worse
      than combo. I'm a non-responder
      to both! Now in the running for new
      clinical trials on a PEG variation.
      Good luck, cyn

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      Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 6:38 AM
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      >From: Skandalyze@...
      >Hi Guys,
      > I'm Simone and I've probably had this bug for maybe 30 years. Who
      >knows? I also found out I'd had B and A at one time, but have antibodies.
      >But my liver is in 2, 3 and 4 stage now. I've done the Intron-A. Then the
      >combo. My blood and thyroid got so messed up that I had to quit after 9
      >months, not that much had happened except my viral load had dropped a
      >million. From 6 to 5 million, in the first 3 months. But that was it.
      >(Lately I've found that the amount doesn't mean much since I was 6 million
      >June, '98, 125 million in January, '99, and back to 50 million this past
      >November! I hear it always fluctuates.
      > I had a little problem during the first month of treatment, when my GP
      >gave me a sulfa drug for a urinary infection, that I had probably cured on
      >own with tons of water and vitamin C! But he wanted to be sure to get it
      >first time, and took a day to culture it and see what would work. He
      >know that sulfa is toxic to the liver. Anyway, I must have gone into near
      >er failure............lost 20 pounds overnight. And then had to fight my
      >back whilst on the treatment!
      > Now after 2 years of recoop after treatment, I've had another biopsy
      >which shows more liver damage. I'm sure it's more from the sulfa than the
      >treatment or the hep. Anyway, it took me 2 years to be able to eat and get
      >back to normal. Fill in the folds and get rid of most of the brain fog.
      >not see white things swimming in my vision! I could have sworn they had
      >tails too!
      > My thyroid's still whacked. Erratic. Up and down. Can't keep up with
      >the dosing for it. But it's better than before. While on the treatment, I
      >was growing lumps and bumps under thickening skin. Especially at the
      >and on my legs. I wasn't on the Actigall then, so I was tearing my skin
      > I've studied much. I now get this great newletter from Hepatitis
      > It tells of all hep news as it happens. Some a little not so important.
      >But alot of new and upcoming things are on the horizon! The doctors are
      >saying that it won't be long. Saying to forgo the treatments and wait. I
      >see that the Rhibozyme (the DNA snippers) is going to go into trials. It
      >sounds promising. The protease inhibitor is getting closer because they've
      >finally found out the shape of the virus and now can design an inhibitor to
      >fit around it and stop it from replicating. And with all the researchers
      >should I say pharmaceutical companies), getting together to work on this
      >stuff, it shouldn't be too long. There's also something coming that they
      >think will boost the immune system to even stop cancer! All these are non
      >toxic with no side effects!
      > I'm so glad my blood levels wouldn't allow me to go on Infergen! I
      >have. But with low platelets, low white cells and a chronically off
      >I knew there would be trouble. The doctor told me of some others on it,
      >what it could do. I didn't want to risk going downhill again, after taking
      >this long to feel and look semi-human again!
      > If any of you want to email me with questions, feel free. I've been
      >through it all. And I've been researching for years now. I can't find the
      >address for the latest Hep news ..........but I get updates daily,
      >more often, and I'll post it here.
      > Keep the faith..............we're gonna make it..............dammit!
      >Just take care of those livers..................water, water, water, milk
      >thistle, flax oil..................
      >My heart goes out to all of you ....................
      > Simone
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