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Re: Memory loss

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  • Dee Dee Taylor
    Hi Wendy, I m surprised to hear you havn t sought out a second opinion. Do you feel you are getting the right treatment? Idle time.....scary. Has your Dr.
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 1, 2000
      Hi Wendy,

      I'm surprised to hear you havn't sought out a second opinion. Do you feel
      you are getting the right treatment? Idle time.....scary. Has your Dr.
      suggested a biposy? I'm having a hard time waiting. My appt. is Feb. 11th.
      with my PCP who suggested me to wait till March to have more blood work
      done. I'm going in early to get Hep A & B vaccines and see about getting on
      estrogen therpy. The article on postmenapausal sounds like it might help to
      have successful results with HCV treatment. I really want to know what is
      going on with my liver so maybe I can speed up the second blood work and go
      on to having the biopsy. I've been feeling good. Only syptoms are the
      swimmy head..confusion....dizziness....I'm not tired or have any of the
      other symptons I've read about. I work full time and have two highschool
      children. Yes I suppose I'll go on treatment if the Hepatoligist beleives
      it to be the best thing for me. My work isn't physically demanding which I
      am thankful for. Treatment won't be an easy thing to go through but if
      everyone else can do it .....I can. My thoughts and prayers are with
      everyone now on treatment and thanks for sharing and letting me voice my
      concerns.....Dee Dee

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      >Subject: Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Memory loss
      >Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 15:31:30 -0800
      > > From: "Dee Dee Taylor" <deetaylor76@...>
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      > > Hi Wendy,
      > > After reading so much about memory loss here I'm wondering if my
      > > and swimmy-headedness isn't a symptom of HCV. I've been having alot of
      > > lately. Are you on any treatment for your HCV or are you just treating
      > > yourself and through a naturopath? I havn't started treatment yet. I
      > > assume I contracted some 30yrs. ago. Dee Dee
      > > Hi Dee Dee,
      > I hardly have any memory loss symptoms now. I stopped work last March &
      >devoted full time to my health. As time went by stress lessened and my mind
      >cleared. I think many factors come into memory loss..fluctuating hormones,
      >chronic illness & the fear that comes when we first are diagnosed. If I
      >to try & work at the level I was before, the stress & brain fog symptoms
      >would return and my system would break down. As time goes on I hope to be
      >able to be more active., although it will be within the parameters that the
      >body can handle & still leave energy to deal with the virus.
      >I am not on any treatment for HCV. Have seen a hepatologist,naturopath &
      >ultrasound. Significant changes to my health began when I began following
      >the ER4YT food guidelines recommended by my naturopath.There is info on
      >at www.dadamo.com. For now I am going for liver enzyme tests once every 6
      >months for a year then a follow up visit to hepatologist. Had enzyme tests
      >once a month for 6 months before seeing hepatologist.AST/ALT slightly
      >elevated but not flutuating.
      >How are you feeling generally Dee? Are you considering treatment?
      >Is there anyone else on the list that has had HCV for many years and not
      >proceded with combo treatments?
      >B.C. Canada

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