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Fw: Texas HCV Bills Passed

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  • Alley/Pat
    for some of you, this is just FYI to share with others. Good news for Texans and for the rest of the world :) Good stuff gotta start somewhere! Spread the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2001
      for some of you, this is just FYI to share with others. Good news for Texans
      and for the rest of the world :) Good stuff gotta start somewhere! Spread
      the flames!

      Pat / alley

      Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2001 9:52 AM
      Subject: Texas HCV Bills Passed

      > Dear Friends, we did it again! I know you have been waiting to see what
      > Texas was going to do after Bill 1652 and now that session has closed we
      > think we made even more strides in combating HCV in our state.
      > All of you will be hearing about Texas Bill 338. We are very proud of
      > bill, it expands on all the points of Bill 1652, but adds the issue of
      > treatment. There will be pilot program set up to start treating, small
      > numbers, while preparing for statewide treatment programs in 2003. We are
      > very excited over this bill. The commitment from both House and Senate
      > outstanding and the bill is front of the Governor.
      > Several "housekeeping" bills were necessary to get education about HCV
      > expanded and all of these you could be working on in your state now. Bill
      > 767 will require substance abuse counselors to take 2 hour training on HCV
      > over two years, Bill 768 will create an intergovernmental agency alliance
      > with all state agencies to address HCV as well as HIV...that will include
      > Education, Tx. Mental Health, etc..
      > Also sent to the Governor is Bill 2650, which requires nurses to have 2
      > training on HCV over two year period...
      > Harm Reduction did have support for the first time in Texas in the House.
      > came out of committee, headed to the house floor and looked good, but was
      > delayed so it would not have enough time to go to senate. Rep. Maxey,
      > to the floor, thanked everyone who supported HB 288, and told members he
      > would be back with it next session, with the intention to pass it! YES!
      > really do think we have that momentum and will be working over the next
      > years on this issue.
      > We know we have from 300,000 to 500,000 persons in Texas with HCV, we
      > estimate at least 200,000 need treatment now. We are facing a monumental
      > problem and we have taken action. Please, let's go to work in your
      > We are now screening, counseling, we will start treating the general
      > we are educating on public and professional levels, Tx Dept. of Health is
      > doing an outstanding job with PSAs, news releases, web site, 800 number
      > the word is spreading in Texas about this virus. We are also working with
      > new Prison Medical Director that is just great! We are treating in the
      > prisons, the CDC is coming in to look at what we have done in our system
      > a report to the National Prison Coalition will be forthcoming. We must
      > the same effort in every state and at the federal level to get any more
      > You can go to www.capitol.state.tx.us, on menu ask for Texas Legislation
      > Online, on Bill search area ask for bill numbers I have given you and you
      > will be able to call up the bill...when you do get to the bill, ask for
      > History and it will detail it for you.
      > Any questions, please ask. And to every person out there that lent
      > testimony, letters, phone calls we thank you. To Sam, Patti, Richard, a
      > special thank you from all of us in East Texas. We really do have heroes
      > Austin, Rep. Glen Maxey, Rep. Jamie Capelo, Senator Madla and many more.
      > Sharon Phillips
      > President
      > Hep C Advocate Network, Inc. (HepCAN)
      > 1400 H. G. Mosley # 911 75604
      > P. O. Box 3003, 75606
      > Longview, Texas
      > (903) 238-9273 Fax: (903) 757-8618
      > hepcan1@...
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