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Fw: Hep b and excercise

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  • Alley/Pat
    (sorry i sent this to the wrong addy the first time, my mistake, darn hepper brain) ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2001
      (sorry i sent this to the wrong addy the first time, my mistake, darn hepper

      > from IntelliHealth
      > WSIHW000|~b,*|
      > Ask The Doc: Fitness / Sports Medicine Archives InteliHealth goes to
      > renowned experts to answer questions submitted by users.
      > Q: I have hepatitis B, and my liver biopsy shows that I am at stage 1 or 2
      > of fibrosis. I have been told that if I exercise, it will worsen my liver
      > problems. Is this true? Can I safely work out with my condition?
      > A: There is evidence suggesting that vigorous exercise can worsen
      > inflammation in the setting of acute hepatitis. For this reason many
      > physicians advocate bed rest or limited activities for their patients who
      > are ill during the initial phases of a viral hepatitis such as Hepatitis A
      > or Hepatitis B.
      > However, I have reviewed the English medical literature dating to 1966 by
      > computer search, and I could find no clearcut evidence that exercise
      > the progression of chronic hepatitis. This only means that the question
      > not been well studied. I asked our liver experts at Johns Hopkins whether
      > they incorporate the advice of "no exercise" to their patients with early
      > late chronic Hepatitis B, and they said they had no compelling reason to
      > recommend avoidance of exercise.
      > April 3, 1999
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      > I dunno about yall but I havne't the energy to excercise, then when I do,
      > get sick.
      > Alley/Pat
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