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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Digest 400 - Claudine

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  • claudine intexas
    Hi Peggy, The nausea is gone (for now), and the doctor changed the dose of colchicine to every other day instead of every day. She said she didn t want to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2001
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      Hi Peggy,
      The nausea is gone (for now), and the doctor
      changed the dose of colchicine to every other day
      instead of every day. She said she didn't want to
      change the med unless she has to because it is more
      'liver friendly' than other anti-gout drugs. Also,
      she said since the colchicine got rid of the pain in
      my ankle that was the best indication that the pain
      was from gout and not something else. As for the joint
      pain from my arthritis, the Vioxx is working better
      than anything else so far, but I've been told not to
      take any other NSAID with it, even though they work
      differently to decrease inflammation. (Actually, I've
      gotten different opinions on this, but have opted to
      play it safe, especially since the Vioxx works so
      great.) I would like to know more about this study you
      were in though. I have read before (at Dr. Cecil's
      web site I think) about some indication that
      ketoprofen can help make interferon more effective and
      had wanted to look more into that, thinking that
      if/when I do get back on a treatment that I might try
      to change from Vioxx to ketoprofen. Do you have more
      info, or know where the info could be found? Oh yeah,
      I take Prevacid too, and no, it doesn't really help
      with nausea! Is it supposed to? I had heard of one
      study done that included Prevacid (I'm pretty sure it
      was Prevacid, but if not it was a similar drug) and I
      wondered what was the purpose of including that drug
      in the study.
      So how are you? Was the treatment successful for
      --- MGOO500300@... wrote:
      > No experience with that but when I did clinical
      > trial of combo it was coupled
      > with Ketoprofen. This drug is available over the
      > counter but not in the
      > dosage that was used with Interferon/Ribavirin.
      > Ketoprofen is an
      > anti-inflammatory drug and used for a two fold
      > purpose. 1st - to help
      > alleviate some of the side effects of the other
      > combo drugs and 2nd - used it
      > the high dosage it was felt that the Ketoprofen
      > would "bruise" the blood
      > cells therefore allowing them to absorb the other
      > drugs better. The trial I
      > was in was the only one like it in the US so there
      > is not a lot of info as to
      > it's effectiveness. I can tell you that the nausea
      > did not go away even after
      > starting Prevacid..got a bit better but never went
      > away.

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