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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] what is mitochondrial

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  • sylvati
    erm......... This looks really interesting and I would like to understand it but I can t so can anyone provide an idiot s guide translation please? love Sylv
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2001
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      erm......... This looks really interesting and I would like to understand
      it but I can't so can anyone provide an idiot's guide translation please?

      love Sylv
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      > article excerpt:
      > Mitochondrial Toxicity in HCV Infection
      > There was probably one abstract that I thought was not related to HIV but
      may actually come around back again to be important. That is, there was an
      Irish abstract about hepatitis C causing deletions in mitochondrial DNA in
      actually 60 percent of the patients who had hepatitis C. That sort of
      supports a previous study that was published in 1999 that showed 90 percent
      of the people with hepatitis C had mitochondrial abnormalities.
      > As most of the audience may know, one of the major issues nowadays with
      our long-term use of nucleoside analogs is mitochondrial toxicity. If these
      findings are indeed true-and now there are two studies-that hepatitis C may
      be injuring mitochondria and setting up the liver cells for mitochondrial
      toxicity and more liver toxicity of nucleoside analogs. So I think we have
      to be more vigilant now of both nucleoside analog liver toxicity, protease
      inhibitor toxicity with this new "ballooning" finding, and of course the
      non-nuke hepatotoxicity-whatever is really causing that. It seems to be more
      common in women and that would argue that it's a hypersensitivity allergic
      type thing.
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