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normal alt's and hep c

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  • Alley/Pat
    I was interested in this cuz i have normal liver enzymes and mild liver damage and I m on tx. ________________________________________________ article excerpt:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2001
      I was interested in this cuz i have normal liver enzymes and mild liver damage and I'm on tx.
      article excerpt:
      Liver Enzymes Tests Versus Liver Biopsy

      Dieterich: It also points out the problems with liver enzymes in general. There's not really a very good test. We don't really know what normal is and they're very non-specific. There were a couple abstracts here-not in HIV patients, just hepatitis C patients-that suggested that patients with "normal" liver enzymes have better looking biopsies, but there was still a significant percentage of them with significantly bad biopsies, like 20 percent. That's not a new finding but that just shows us the biopsy is even more important in people who have normal liver enzymes to sort that out. Mack, actually in hepatitis B though that does seem to make a difference, right? It's different in hepatitis B than it is in hepatitis C.

      Mitchell: Yes. It is different in hepatitis B, in that the better your immune system is functioning, the easier it is to clear the virus on any of the standard therapies-whether that's lamivudine or interferon therapy.

      Dieterich: The biopsy correlates a little better too with the ALT.

      DFW Liver Disease Newsletter

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