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Hepatitis C virus contamination of endoscopes and biopsy forceps

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  • claudine intexas
    Gastroenterol Clin Biol 2000 Oct;24(10):906-910 [Hepatitis C virus contamination of endoscopes and biopsy forceps]. [Article in French] Becheur H, Harzic M,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2000
      Gastroenterol Clin Biol 2000 Oct;24(10):906-910

      [Hepatitis C virus contamination of endoscopes and
      biopsy forceps].
      [Article in French]

      Becheur H, Harzic M, Colardelle P, Deny P, Coste T,
      Dubeaux B, Chochon
      Roussin-Bretagne S, Doll J, Andrieu J

      Service d'Hepato-Gastroenterologie, Centre Hospitalier
      de Versailles,

      BACKGROUND: Procedures such as digestive endoscopy may
      explain some
      contaminations by HCV. AIMS: The aims of this study
      were to detect HCV
      genome on endoscopes and biopsy-forceps used in
      patients with known
      HCV infection and to determine its presence in their
      gastric juice and
      saliva. METHODS: A gastroscopy with antral biopsies
      was performed in 48
      patients with non-treated replicative chronic
      hepatitis C. Samples were
      obtained after pushing 10 mL of sterile water through
      channel and after immersing the brush used to clean
      this channel. The
      biopsy-forceps were also immersed and their tips
      brushed in 10 mL of
      water. This sampling technique was repeated three
      times: immediately
      the endoscopic procedure (T0), after washing with a
      detergent (T1) and
      immersion for 20 minutes in a 2% glutaraldehyde
      solution (T2). The HCV
      genome was detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR,
      Amplicor(R) -
      Diagnostics Systems). For the last 15 patients,
      samples of gastric
      juice and
      saliva were obtained before antral biopsies and used
      to detect HCV
      RESULTS: HCV genome was detected in the biopsy-suction
      channel in 13
      (27%) at T0 and in one case (2%) at T1. It was
      undetectable after
      of the disinfection procedure (T2). Three
      biopsy-forceps (6%) were PCR
      positive immediately after the endoscopy but none at
      T1 and T2. HCV
      was found in the gastric juice in three cases. In all
      of them, it was
      found at T0 in the biopsy-suction channel but not on
      When saliva contained HCV genome (4 cases), it was
      present in the
      biopsy-suction channel in only one case. In this case,
      the gastric
      juice was
      also PCR positive. CONCLUSIONS: HCV genome is detected
      in 27% of cases
      the biopsy-suction channel after an endoscopic
      procedure performed on
      patients with chronic HCV infection. The
      biopsy-forceps are PCR
      positive in
      6% of cases. The infected gastric juice may play a
      role in the
      Faith makes things possible; it does not make them
      of the endoscopes. The complete disinfection procedure
      seems effective
      eliminate HCV.

      PMID: 11084427

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