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    Message: 10 Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:21:40 -0400 From: Susan Jackson Subject: Liver Explanation Help! Hi, I went to the docs today
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2000
      Message: 10
      Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:21:40 -0400
      From: "Susan Jackson" <suejacks@...>
      Subject: Liver Explanation Help!

      I went to the docs today and he had my report. If someone can explain, I

      would appreciate it.
      Abdomen is soft and non tender. (Good and just clarifies there are no
      abnormalities, such as a tumor, or intestinal problem. It should have
      also said something like, positive bowel sounds, no tenderness, guarding
      or mass, no rebound, in all quadrants-meaning if you divided the abdomen
      into 4 sections, it would then state what, if any abnormality was heard,
      felt or seen).

      The liver edge is palpable 3.0 cm below
      the right costal margin with quite a prominent Ridel's lobe. (The liver
      is felt in the "upper right quadrant", which would be the area on your
      right side, under your ribs, and is usually measured in "finger
      breaths", or how many fingers could be placed from the lower edge of the
      liver to your lower rib. Normal is usually around 2-3.)

      It was firm and somewhat tender but not pulsatile. (Firm is normal, and
      the tenderness usually comes from any liver enlargement, or, if there
      were a "mass" it would push up, or displace where the liver is expected
      to be felt. The "not pulsatile" is referring to any abnormal blood
      vessels either coming from, over or under the liver area.)

      I also felt the spleen tip approx.5.0 cm below the left costal margin.
      (This just refers to the fact your spleen is able to be felt, and
      appears to be in the correct location and size, that is expected. If
      someone has fluid in the abdomen, a mass, or abnormality, was obese,
      etc., it may be hard to feel these areas, as well as to identify the
      names given to certain locations in the body, and more specifically,
      parts of different organs.)

      I also have esophageal varices.
      My next stop is a hematologist. There is also 4 pages of blood work, too

      much to list here.


      Hope this helps. Marty
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