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    FYI to all veterans and families of vets. Have you been tested? alley/Patricia ICQ 12631861 alleypat@flash.net http://www.flash.net/~alleypat ... From: Jim
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      FYI to all veterans and families of vets. Have you been tested?

      ICQ 12631861

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      Subject: [hepatitis-awareness] FW: [HepC] HEPC INFO: ALERT TO VIETNAM ERA VETERANS

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      During the past year, I have heard from numerous vets who were stationed
      at Fort Lenorard Wood ond other army posts and military bases during the
      Vienam area and now have Hepatitis C. The vets all received vaccinations
      during their basic training.

      We want to get as much information as possible from Vets who served during
      the Vietnam era and now are HCV Postive. Several members have agreed to
      get an official congressional investigation if sufficient information can
      be obtained.

      I would appreaciate it if you would send out this veterns' altert. It is
      especially important that they reply immediately since we are on the verge
      of a national election.

      They can reply to Ed Wendt at PublicInquest@..., or edwendt@....

      I decided to declare war after corresponding with Glen Saunders a vet also
      stationed, like me, at Fort Leonard Wood.

      Thanks for your great work. Hepatitis Central is the blue that binds us

      God bless,

      Ed Wendt >>

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