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Immunizations & Diabetes

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    Massive Diabetes Epidemic in the United States Attributed to Large Rise In Immunization Rates During the Clinton Administration, As Reported by Classen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2000
      Massive Diabetes Epidemic in the United States Attributed to Large Rise In Immunization Rates During the Clinton Administration, As Reported by Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.
      BALTIMORE, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently released data published in Diabetes Care shows an epidemic of diabetes in the United States. A significant portion of this is attributed to vaccines and the public is warned to avoid unnecessary or frequent immunizations. Immunization rates have reached record levels during the Clinton administration and explain the large rise in diabetes in many groups. Data indicates that vaccines are likely to be a much more important cause of severe (insulin dependent) diabetes than obesity; however many cases of mild diabetes are also caused by vaccines and often develop into the severe form of the disease.

      Dr. J. Bart Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, published data in the British Medical Journal (BMJ 1999;319:1133) following up on a large clinical trial of the hemophilus vaccine. The data provides strong proof of a causal relationship between vaccines and the development of insulin dependent diabetes. The hemophilus vaccine has been incriminated in causing over 58 cases of insulin dependent diabetes per 100,000 children immunized in Finland, a 25% rise in the rate of diabetes after 7 years.

      Dr. Classen presented data that the incidence of insulin dependent diabetes rose 60% in New Zealand following a massive hepatitis B immunization program. The CDC initiated a study to verify his findings. The CDC's preliminary data has been published and shows hepatitis B immunization when given starting after 8 weeks of age was associated with a 90% increase in the risk of diabetes, supporting Classen's findings. Data from Italy, which was presented in June at the American Diabetes Association meeting in Texas, also supports a causal relationship between the hepatitis B vaccine and diabetes.

      Rates of insulin dependent diabetes are strikingly high in heavily immunized members of the United States Navy. This data was presented at a congressional hearing on October 12, 1999 pertaining to the vaccines in the military. At the hearing Dr. Classen showed that the rates of insulin dependent diabetes in people entering the navy were similar to civilian controls of the same age, but after being in the navy for about 15 years the rate of diabetes in sailors reached up to 5 times the rate in civilian controls of the same age.

      ``The navy's own data on diabetes show that the rate of diabetes in highly immunized sailors is much higher than less immunized civilian controls,'' says Classen. ``The data indicates vaccines are likely a much more important cause of diabetes than obesity because sailors are required to be much more fit than the general public.'' Classen implies that if obesity was the more important cause of diabetes than the civilians would be expected to have a higher rate of diabetes than the sailors.

      Dr. Classen's research has been published in numerous journals and featured in national news reports. For the latest information on the effects of vaccines on insulin dependent diabetes and other autoimmune diseases visit the Vaccine Safety Website ( http://vaccines.net ).

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