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Re: congrats winne and hubby

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  • WebMistress Gina
    Hi, It s great that he can drive and that zoloft is helping, makes me wonder if I should try that since my memory loss is one of my most aggravating and
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2000
      It's great that he can drive and that zoloft is helping, makes me
      wonder if I should try that since my memory loss is one of my
      most aggravating and humiliating symptoms. Yet I always forget to
      add it to my list of symptoms! On my new pain/symptom diary
      form I do list fibro fog as a symptom that I track and I number it 1-10
      as to how bad or good it is daily, that helps me remember to
      track it. Some days are better than others but in the last month it hasn't gone
      below a 4 on a 1-10 scale. It hasn't ever been a 10 either, thank God.

      I haven't gone to do the plates yet. I need to get the forms before I
      see my doctor next as I believe he has to sign them for me. I'm not
      sure if he will consider me disabled enough to qualify--of course he
      doesn't live in my body but he figures I can get to his office without
      a cane or wheel chair, I must be ok. At least that's how I think he would
      see it. Sometimes I wish a doctor could SEE me 24/7 to know exactly
      what I am going through. If I could I'd hire a video guy to just sit with
      me and film my daily life. Wouldn't that be a hoot to hand it to a
      doctor? LOL

      I walk a fine line with my pcp doc as he doesn't want me doing hcv tx
      if it's going to make me worse, so I minimize it to him because I don't
      want him interfering in my life and death decisions. Once on Tx I will
      feel safer about him interfering (don't ask me why) and hope to get his
      help if I need it for disability and handicap plates and the like.

      Anyway, glad things are finally working out in your favor. Gives me hope
      that someday it will all finally come together for me as well.

      >From: RLWINNE@...
      >Subject: Re: congrats winne and hubby
      >Hi Gina
      >Just getting back to all of my email again - it can really add up but is so
      >informative. We are going to apply for a dissibility license plate now for
      >the same reason you are thinking of applying. I do all the driving now and
      >usually drop him off at the door and then go and get the car and pick him up.
      > There have been times like you mentioned that we could have used it though
      >when he did feel good enough to get out and do something. He quit driving
      >because he got lost a few times and couldn't find his way back home and it
      >scared him so he gave that up not to long after he started the combo at the
      >end of last year. It was hard for him to accept and admit that he was having
      >trouble driving but like he said he would rather be safe then sorry and just
      >find a way to deal with it and he has. I am very proud of the way he has
      >handled this whole thing. The Zoloft he takes has helped him a lot. Hope
      >your doing well and stay positive we can beat this thing.
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