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Hepatitis C, Cured- More Relavant than you may think!

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  • scarletpaolicchi
    This topic of Hepatitis C may appear unrelated to most people but, according to the World Hepatitis Alliance, shockingly one in 12 people worldwide are living
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      This topic of Hepatitis C may appear unrelated to most people but, according to the World Hepatitis Alliance, "shockingly one in 12 people worldwide are living with either chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C. While this is far higher than the prevalence of HIV or any cancer, Hepatitis C awareness is inexplicably low and the majority of those infected are unaware." Hepatitis C is spread through contact with infected blood or products that have touched blood, such as a used razor, improperly sterilized manicure, dental, or medical equipment. This makes hepatitis C far more transmissible than most other blood borne viruses and gives it the nickname "an epidemic for anyone." Hepatitis C, aka HCV, is a contagious viral disease that leads to serious, permanent liver damage, and in some cases even death.

      Sorry for the heavy content but awareness is key in preventing the spread of Hepatitis C. I do have some uplifting news for you those that have Hepatitis C or are fighting a chronic disease. Hepatitis C, Cured, is a book that chronicles one man's determined fight against the disease through unconventional methods, and his victory over Hepatitis C. It is inspiring and gives hope. It reminds people to fight for their health and be involved in their own healing. The author, Johnny Delirious,(pen name) also has a free weekly conference call and has a new radio show starting on Jan. 22, 2010 on Voice America's Health & Wellness Channel.

      Another great resource for those affected with Hepatitis C is an online support group like Hep C Web Warriors. This Hepatitis C group is open to and discusses BOTH traditional and alternative treatments for Hepatitis C. NO ONE is "judged" for their CHOICE of treatment! Healthy Hepper is another vast source of information on the latest Hepatitis C news and for objective review of complimentary and alternative medicine for Hepatitis C.

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