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Healthy Hepper Newsletter September Issue

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    HealthyHepper.com Newsletter Topics: 1. New Interview with Dr. Zhang on Hepatitis C and Chinese Medicine 2. Hepatitis C Diet Tips 3. New Interview with Dr.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2009
      HealthyHepper.com Newsletter

      1. New Interview with Dr. Zhang on Hepatitis C and Chinese Medicine
      2. Hepatitis C Diet Tips
      3. New Interview with Dr. Palmer on Hepatitis C Treatment
      4. Choosing not to treat Hepatitis C
      5. If you go with conventional medicine: Pegetron and Pegasys

      1. New Interview with Dr. Zhang on Hepatitis C and Chinese Medicine

      According to Dr. Zhang, Modern Chinese Medicine's main assets are, "liver protective therapies to control liver inflammation to slow down and halt liver fibrosis. Anti-fibrosis therapy, in some cases, can actually reverse fibrosis and restore liver structure and functions. MCM can help manage and maintain normal to near normal life quality and life expectancy of hepatitis C patients."
      Read more at http://www.healthyhepper.com/hepatitisczhang.htm

      2. Some healthy diet tips for those with Hepatitis C:

      1. No alcohol consumption, even moderately, as it has a toxic effect on liver cells and makes you more prone to liver cancer according to studies.
      2. I suggest organic produce, whether store bought or homegrown, as this reduces the chemicals that an already stressed HCV liver will need to process.
      3. A well nourished body will fight Hepatitis C best. A diet rich in calories and nutrients on a daily basis is critical as is healthy exercise to keep your body functioning well.
      4. Adequate protein is necessary to help the body repair damaged liver tissue and everyday needs such as production of new blood cells. More on types of protein below.
      5. Eat at least 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables as they provide important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Soy products, dried beans, and certain herbs and spices also contain abundant phytochemicals which behave like powerful antioxidants "gobbling up" the destructive free radicals.
      6. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass of water at least once a day. Staying hydrated is important to flushing out toxins and the lemon juice is a natural liver detoxifyer. Lemon juice also provides vitamin C an important precursor to Glutathione.
      Taken from:

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      3. New Interview with Dr. Palmer on Hepatitis C Treatment

      Dr. Melissa Palmer is a conventional medicine doctor who's "so-called claim to fame was that I was among the first physicians to notice that weight reduction, healthy diet and exercise may actually reverse damage done to the liver by fat." Dr. Palmer's message to those with hepatitis C, "New therapies ( protease and polymerase inhibitors) should be approved by the first quarter of 2011- that have an improved chance of cure even in those with genotype 1- the hardest strain to cure."
      Read the interview here http://www.healthyhepper.com/hcvpalmer.htm

      4. Choosing Not to Treat Hepatitis C
      "The decision to undergo treatment is a complicated one, and what worked for me might not work for others. I explore the other path¬ómaking the choice to not treat. I recommend ways to support your liver and general health. This advice applies to nearly everyone, but particularly those with liver disease."
      To read the rest of this article: http://www.hcvadvocate.org/news/newsLetter/2009/advocate0909.html#2

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      5. Choosing to Treat with Conventional Medicine

      After reading this article, I would ask for Pegetron if getting conventional treatment!
      Largest comparative hepatitis C study confirms treatment effectiveness and lower relapse rate for Pegetron(R) patients.

      Best Wishes,
      Healthy Hepper.com
      Your source for objective information on HCV complimentary and alternative medicine

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