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World Hepatitis Day

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  • scarletpaolicchi
    World Hepatitis Day Creative Competition- Entry Deadline April 17, 2009 The World Hepatitis Alliance is calling on creative people around the globe to take
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      World Hepatitis Day Creative Competition-
      Entry Deadline April 17, 2009

      The World Hepatitis Alliance is calling on creative people around the
      globe to take part in the first World Hepatitis Day creative competition.

      The competition has two categories, and has been launched to encourage
      new and imaginative ways to get people talking about hepatitis B and
      C. Using words, images, our voices and ideas we can all help raise
      awareness of hepatitis B and C and we need your help!

      While 500 million people around the world are living with hepatitis B
      or C, most people don't even know they are infected or are aware of
      the potential risk factors. Enter this creative competition (see below
      for nomination form) and help make a world of difference in raising
      awareness about two viruses that kill 1.5 million people a year.
      Who can enter?

      The competition is open to all patient groups and individuals,
      amateurs and professionals of all ages. This is your opportunity to
      show the world your ideas and skills - so fire up your creative minds
      and help spread the word about hepatitis.

      Please note: creative submissions must not be associated with any
      commercial interests or product promotion.
      What to enter?

      Entries can take the form of any creative media including posters,
      videos, the written word, artwork, photography, music or web-based
      media. They can be in any language (although non-English entries must
      be accompanied by an English translation to help the judging process).
      Entries must fall into one or both of the following categories:

      * Category 1. World Hepatitis Day
      This category is designed to raise awareness about World
      Hepatitis Day itself (Tuesday May 19th 2009). Themes could include
      (but are not limited to):
      o Hepatitis is a global health problem that needs to be
      tackled collaboratively
      o World Hepatitis Day is a patient-led initiative with 200
      patient groups from 50 countries supporting it
      o Encouraging people to participate in World Hepatitis Day
      * Category 2. "Am I Number 12?"

      This category is designed to raise awareness about the fact that
      one in twelve people around the world is living with chronic viral
      hepatitis B or C, and the vast majority are unaware they are infected.
      Themes could include (but are not limited to):
      o 500 million people (one in 12 people worldwide) are living
      with either chronic viral hepatitis B or hepatitis C
      o Hepatitis B and C do not discriminate (more than 1/3 of
      the people on the planet have been exposed to one of the two viruses)
      – we must all help beat the stigma associated with chronic viral
      o Am I one of those infected, but unaware? – Get tested and
      find out

      Judging criteria

      An independent panel of international judges, including physicians and
      patient group representatives, have been recruited to judge the World
      Hepatitis Day creative competition. The judges will be looking for
      creativity and originality, but also the effectiveness of each entry
      in communicating the themes of "World Hepatitis Day" and / or "Am I
      Number 12?" Further information about the judging panel will be
      included in the coming weeks.

      Shortlisted entries will be featured as part of a `Hall of Fame' on
      www.worldhepatitisday.org in the run-up to World Hepatitis Day 2009.
      The winning entries will be announced on Friday 15th May, and will be
      shared with patient groups around the globe ahead of the 2010 World
      Hepatitis Day campaign. Winners will also receive the first annual `Am
      I Number 12?' recognition award.

      How to enter

      * Entries accompanied by a completed nomination form (see below)
      can be sent to worldhepday@...
      * Entries will be accepted until 5pm GMT on Friday April 17th, 2009
      * All entries must be the original work of the applicant and must
      not violate another party's copyright. Joint applications will be
      accepted and collaborators must give their consent and co-sign the
      nomination form
      * Participants can enter more than one category and more than one
      item, provided that a separate nomination form is attached to each entry
      * Applicants who have received any financial or in-kind
      sponsorship in relation to their entry must declare all details of
      that agreement
      * To assist the judging process, any non-English text used in
      entries must be translated into English. Please attach the translated
      text to your entry.

      For more information on the rules and regulations please refer to

      Best Wishes,
      Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Treatment Information
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