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Healthy Hepper.com Newsletter: Hep C Training Workshops

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  • scarletpaolicchi
    Healthy Hepper.com Newsletter 9/8/08 http://www.healthyhepper.com  In this issue: 1. Hepatitis C Training Workshops 2. Naomi Judd and Lloyd Wright Conquer
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2008
      Healthy Hepper.com Newsletter
       In this issue:
      1. Hepatitis C Training Workshops
      2. Naomi Judd and Lloyd Wright Conquer Hep C
      3. JuvaTone: Liver Support

      1. Hepatitis C Training Workshops

      Hepatitis C Support Project (HCSP) conducted a broad needs assessment
      for hepatitis C awareness and education. The Project determined that
      the most needed resource was a quality HCV educational process that
      could be widely distributed and utilized throughout underserved
      communities affected by HCV.

      To accomplish this objective, HCSP designed a program that covers
      hepatitis C awareness and education in a training workshop
      environment. The goal of this program is to educate individuals who
      can then educate their respective communities on HCV. The goal of the
      Project is to reach communities in need of HCV awareness and education

      The goal of the Hepatitis C Training Workshops is to provide unbiased
      and quality education to the HCV community and to the general public.
      Our vision is that our training workshops will provide HCSP certified
      HCV Educators for local agencies.

      About the Training Workshops
      The Hepatitis C Training Workshop is now an intensive one-day workshop
      that will provide the necessary knowledge and tools for people to go
      out into their communities and educate others about hepatitis C. The
      topics covered in the workshop include:

      * The Liver
      * HCV Transmission and Prevention
      * HCV Diagnostic Tools
      * HCV Symptoms, Disease Progression and Disease Management
      * HCV Medical Treatment

      Workshop participants who successfully complete the training will have
      learned the necessary information to provide a basic HCV presentation.
      In addition, the training workshop will provide background information
      on HCV that will enable the trainees to be able to address an
      audience's questions about hepatitis C.

      Furthermore, workshop participants who successfully complete the
      course will be certified as a Basic Hepatitis C Educator by the HCSP
      for a period of one year. Annual recertification will be available.

      For more information about trainings, please visit

      These training events are on http://www.healthyhepper.com/events along
      with other hepatitis C events. If you would like an event added,
      please email info to feedback@...

      2. Naomi Judd and Lloyd Wright were cured of Hepatitis C
      Read more about their stories and inspire yourself. Check out

      3. JuvaTone is an herbal complex designed to promote healthy liver
      function. It is an excellent source of choline, which is basically a
      fat dissolving oil. Choline helps prevent fats and bile from becoming
      trapped in the liver, thus preventing severe problems such as
      cirrhosis and the blocking fat metabolism.

      JuvaTone also contains inositol and the powerful antioxidant
      dl-methionine, both of which have been researched for their ability to
      convert oil-soluble toxins into water-soluble compounds that may be
      more easily excreted. Methionine helps recycle glutathione, one of the
      body?s most important natural antioxidants that is crucial to normal
      liver function.

      In addition, JuvaTone contains, Oregon grape root, a source of
      liver-supporting compound berberine and dandelion root which benefits
      all aspects of the liver by clearing obstructions and detoxifying

      To order, visit https://www.youngliving.org/scarlet
      Sign up as a preferred customer on autoship (which you can change or
      cancel at anytime) and recieve a 12% DISCOUNT on retail prices. You'll
      be glad you ordered!

      Wishing you health,
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