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Fw: NATAP: Hepatitis in Kuwait

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      Subject: NATAP: Hepatitis in Kuwait

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      Hepatitis in Kuwait


      KUWAIT: Minister of Health Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah recently disclosed that hepatitis infections in Kuwait had reached 10,000 over the past three years. He explained that Hepatitis 'B' cases were 5,190 while Hepatitis 'C' were 5,029. Responding to an enquiry presented by MP Saadoun Al-Otaibi, the minister explained that the number of Kuwaitis amongst the first category was 1,142 and only 800 amongst the second. Sheikh Abdullah also added that 16 Hepatitis 'B' and 29 Hepatitis 'C' cases had been diagnosed amongst medical staff till Sept 30. He also noted that all expatriates infected by either type were immediately deported, except for citizens' wives or husbands.


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