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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Protein question

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  • Alley Pat
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 8, 2006
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      << but I'd ask for a script for vicadin>>

      Tylenol doesn't do a darn thing for me, so I don't take meds with tylenol in them. Also, I take them so much, I don't add NSAIDS to these meds to it if I don't have to. Tho, what I've found works OK on most days is half a vicoprofen and 2 aspirin. Aleve doesn't do much for me either and because it lasts so long, then I'm not supposed to take anything in addition till it wears off.

      Why couldn't they have just left me my Bextra! Now THAT worked!

      On the bone disease, I forgot now what they called it but it wasn't osteo anything. I think I remember it started with an a maybe. That original dx was so long ago. I can look it up in my records and see. They found it originally back in 200/01 when I did the bone scan after discovering the melanoma. I kept telling my doc my back hurt but never really thought that much about it. Now I know why!


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