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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] just saying hi

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  • avansi7465
    Dear Lorad: You are to be applauded. I ve read the Medicare Part D plan and you are quite correct. My Mother was better off with N. C. s homegrown plan than
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      Dear Lorad:

      You are to be applauded. I've read the Medicare Part D plan and you are quite correct. My Mother was better off with N. C.'s homegrown plan than she will be with the Feds plan. She is elderly, but not very poor. I have a degree and am well versed in medical terminology, but some of what they write in the handbook is contradictory. How anyone who doesn't have some background in that or insurance (which my husband has) keeps up with it is beyond me. Okay, now I'll get off my soapbox, too.

      My contribution to the cause of alleviating the problem has been to tutor students who have a variety of reading problems.

      Once upon a time, before HCV, I had my own business, repairing microscopes and opthalmic equipment. Obviously, with the HCV that is no longer an option. I closed it down in 1996 and wrote off the last bad debt in 2000, which oddly enough was the account that I started my business with-Naval Hospital Charleston, S. C.

      I don't have the energy to work at anything full time, but I can see that Tidewater Va. could probably use someone of your expertise and I certainly wouldn't mind volunteering.


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      Hi Anne,

      I'm in the Chicago area and working with Medicare and Health Insurance
      claims, death benefits, bill paying and checkbook balancing. Don't let anyone
      fool you into believing that the new Medicare Part D Prescription program is a
      good one. It has a lot of flaws but should work for the very poor and very
      ill. This is only MY opinion.

      It continues to amaze me that the most complicated governmental programs are
      for the elderly and lower income. How are they supposed to figure things
      out? I help them but often do it pro-bono. I cannot justify accepting money
      from those that have nothing....

      Okay, off my soap box.

      Do you own your own business?


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