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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Re: I AM NEGATIVE WOMAN!!---Anne

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  • avansi7465
    Same doc? With military medicine???????? Surely, you jest........Sorry didn t mean to be a smart mouth. My previous GI retired and is probably in private
    Message 1 of 13 , Jun 6, 2005
      Same doc? With military medicine???????? Surely, you jest........Sorry didn't mean to be a smart mouth. My previous GI retired and is probably in private practice somewhere, but not here. Dr. Hollis, my civilian G. I. would keep me as a patient, if I went through treatment via MCV. Healthnet Federal won't pay for it. So back to NavHospPortsVA. Okay, now that I'm through moaning and groaning about all of this, (and believe me this is the short version of the story) the good news is that I get my follow-up nurse back, who is a wonderful person. I helped train my new G. I., so I know he knows his stuff....microscopically speaking.... further good news is that my previous G. I. and Dr. Hollis were new docs G. I. professors/training physicians during his residency. Also, the hospital is 10 minutes from the house.......MCV is 90. So despite the delay, which could be a good thing, anyway, all's well, that ends well. Especially now that we have Procrit! Sorry to ramble, but this last year and a half have been an interesting lesson in how the military backs down on its agreements. There are two or three captain's out there that I'd love have drawn and quartered......or maybe keel hauled. They get to make the choice.:-). At any rate, at this point, I get pretty much what I ask for.........it just takes forever. October works well for everybody.......provided Congress passes the budget. Okay, I'll shut up, now.

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      When do you go back on treatments? Is it with a new doc or are you
      using the same one?

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      >give those of us getting ready to go back on treatment a reason to do

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