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  • Shshonee (Alley)
    Hey folks! Just wanted to say hi and I ve missed you all. I ve had a busy few weeks. First I did a week in Holland and I ll send some pix links soon. I flew in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
      Hey folks! Just wanted to say hi and I've missed you all. I've had a busy few weeks.

      First I did a week in Holland and I'll send some pix links soon. I flew in on Sunday nite and went to work the next Monday morning at a new job, prouction supervisor, on my feet all the time. I was really reluctant to take this job. I can "do" it, but could I stay awake? Would my mind stay engaged? Would my strength last?

      I talked to my shrink about it and he gave me Provigil (I think that's it) and it works very well. Also he advised me to take CLA, anyone know anything about that? I can't tell if it's doing anything.

      I take Bextra, not daily but a few days a week, but I dread when I run out. Vioxx and Celebrex do nothing for me. Naproxen works well but upsets my gastric system after a while.

      I keep my vicoprofen pills cut in half in my bottle so if I need somethin to get me thru, I don't take a whole one and fall asleep lol. It really helps as a "boost" to my regular aspirin or ibuprofen. And I take a lot of vitamins, drink water as much as possible.

      Still, it's a balancing act at work. They have no idea about anything being wrong with me (other than the obvious blondeness and overweight and old lol). I'd like to keep it that way with my co workers, you know? I wear my "granny stocking" on the leg I had surgery on and it helps, but by the end of the week, the fluid buildup has over flowed into the other leg and it affects that knee, then I have two bad knees all due to fluid cuz I can't get rid of it from my leg. Not whining, just a thing to deal with. Maybe need a new tactic.

      So I haven't been ignoring any of yall. Just haven't had much time with the new job and trying to get enough sleep. (course that means a sleeping pill).

      But hey, I'll feel better on payday! :)

      hugs to you all,

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