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Commercial Perspectives: Hepatitis B and C - The Chinese Way?

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  • Shshonee (Alley)
    This is an article summary. The entire article has to be bought, but I glean good info from these summaries.... Alley ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2005
      This is an article summary. The entire article has to be bought, but I glean good info from these summaries.... Alley


      Along with China's growing economy, the need for improved healthcare infrastructure and modern pharmaceuticals has attracted many Western manufacturers. One immediate opportunity is the region's high proportion of global chronic Hepatitis B and C. Antivirals such as lamivudine and adefovir compete not only against Zadaxin and interferons, but also established traditional remedies.


      a.. Up to date overview on Chinese healthcare indicators, current market scenario and outlook for Western manufacturers
      a.. Discussion of impact of infectious diseases on China with focus on parenteral viruses: Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS
      a.. Discussion of Hepatitis B and C epidemiology in China along with disease management strategies including availability of Western treatments
      a.. Discussion of China market dynamics including class, product and company share. Appraisal of IMS data coupled with epi based HBV market evaluation

      Report Highlights
      Despite possessing a fifth of the global population, a largely undeveloped economy restricts Chinese healthcare expenditure to 1% of global medical expenses and spending per capita ($49 per head) almost 10 times less than that recorded in the US (WHO figures).

      China is estimated to account for one third of chronic HBV and one fourth of chronic HCV infections worldwide with 20m sufferers of viral liver disease in total. 250-280 thousand HBV related deaths occur annually, claiming more lives than HIV/AIDS.

      According to IMS Health the total Chinese HBV and HCV combined market was worth over $70m in 2003 and is growing rapidly (CAGR 1999-2003, 36%). Datamonitor estimates that IMS sales data covers between 56-67% of current HBV and HCV 2003 market value, which could be as high as $112m.

      Reasons to Purchase

      a.. Gain an up to date view on infectious diseases in China including current epidemiology, treatments and outlook
      a.. Understand current penetration strategies of Western manufacturers as they gain foothold in this significant market
      a.. Benchmark the commercial potential of markets for HBV and HCV treatments with internal estimates

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