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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] horses and dreams for future? from DAwn

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  • Dawnbeliever@aol.com
    Tam, forwarding an email i sent to my hep c msg board some time ago... and this is what one of the hep c gals wrote back.. so you better have a horse ready for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2004
      forwarding an email i sent to my hep c msg board some time ago... and this is
      what one of the hep c gals wrote back.. so you better have a horse ready for
      me to ride...LOL.. Sarah wants to come with me.. I havent chosen yet out of
      those dates .. did you know mom was in calif.. Jill called.. and said she is
      having a great time in calif.. i had to tell her that i didnt know she was
      there.. LOL... knew she hadnt called lately like she usually does.. think dad bugs
      her to call me .. and he is still in Britton.. he called her and asked where
      the coffee was... she said in the freezer .. why.. he said.. well i started a
      bed and breakfast here.. LOL>. some old friend.. forget who.. was out to depot
      for his card night and was going to get a motel room.. Dad said .. heck with
      that.. come to my house .. wife is gone.. LOL.. well like the way you keep in
      touch , Tam... Jill does by cell.. but Laurie tried to send me an email .. but
      thus far only one..LOL... I am thinking of getting a cell phone .. sprint.. as
      i get 15 percent off.. due to work for relay and relay hired by sprint for
      Opening fishing this weekend and cold and windy .. now raining outside...
      Sorry .. but feel jabbery to night.. will let you go now.. LOL... crazy way
      to put it.. u are either sleeping or at work i expect...would be nice to chat
      on here sometime..

      LOve ya , sis,

      P.S. ever talk to Larry ?

      In a message dated 5/9/2004 10:35:49 AM Central Daylight Time,
      jtwagers7@... writes:

      > Hi Dawn. I was a bit leary, too, to "get on board" again, but I'm so glad
      > I did, and I hope that you will, too. It had been since 79 for me, too --
      > lol ! ! Now rollerskates? No way Jose! I broke my left arm (both
      > bones)
      > falling backwards on those things when "living it up" in Ft. Lauderdale and
      > doing the "skate thing" (lol). Was skating down some sidewalk with my
      > husband-to-be, (who I had met on the track), and the next thing I know -- my
      > feet
      > are over my head, and then BOOM -- I landed so hard I thought my brain had
      > jarred itself loose from it's stem --lol (it may have!). But my arm
      > looked like
      > a stair step (I tried to break my fall). No way will I ever skate again.
      > But anyhow..... I hope you will get the chance to ride again on a horse.
      > It
      > brought back very good memories for me, was good for the heart and soul, and
      > it just felt so good to squeeze that horse and begin to trot.... and then
      > set
      > into that canter and canter away...... clip-a-clop, clip-a- clop,
      > clip-a-clop,
      > clip-a-clop. No galloping though!
      > And now about that rich man -- LOL! um um um. Wouldn't that be nice :)
      > !
      > You hang in there :), and have a great day.
      > Julie
      > In a message dated 5/9/2004 4:47:21 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      > Dawnbeliever@... writes:
      > > am a bit leary... my sister has a horse and access to others for me to
      > >ride.. I am going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester , MN this summer and staying
      > >with
      > >her in Albert Lea... i umm am a lover of horses.. my sisters and I owned
      > and
      > >
      > >rode as teenagers.. I am 47 now and learned a couple years ago .. i have to
      > >be
      > >careful..went roller skating and for first time ever fell backward and
      > >cracked
      > >an elbow.. put me out of work for 3 weeks.. so .. should i try horse back
      > >riding again.. havent done it since.. umm .. probably 1979 .. LOL>.. but i
      > >have
      > >cirhosis due to hep C... i need to live and love life .. i feel.. LOL...
      > >what
      > >i need is a rich guy to marry .. that can fulfill my life long dream of RV
      > >in
      > >retirement all over the US ... any one here know someone like that.. ha
      > >ha..
      > >i love to dream but .. learned to live simply now..
      > >
      > >LOVE all i hear here,

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