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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Dawn

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  • Carol
    Hi Dawn I think you re doing good here on this forum Dawn....everytime you write in you sound better. Depression is something I didn t have at all until my
    Message 1 of 2 , May 15, 2004
      Hi Dawn

      I think you're doing good here on this forum Dawn....everytime you write in you sound better. Depression is something I didn't have at all until my Mom died in 1992....I was always the strong one, the one who stayed with my sister-in-law when my brother died....a week before my wedding. My Mom was the one who had serious depression issues off and on after menopause. Dad was rock solid. They didn't have really good anti depressants then. I take 2 effexor a day cuz my Doc says I'm seriously depressed and I say huh? I know what it's like and I don't feel like I am depressed now.....up and down sometimes but nothing major. Also going thru menopause and not being able to take anything for that doesn't help much but I'm getting thru it. We have to give ourselves credit for the things we do even if we didn't feel like doing them, and we have to stop being so hard on ourselves....you've come a long way girl. I sure know what you mean about it taking a few minutes to get up LOL....either my knee gives out or something....like you, I'm doing a lot of remembering lately.....getting old is not an option, I'm staying 49.95 and that's my story LOL.

      Carol in Canada
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      > Dawn, I've suffered from depression most of my life. For about 10 years I
      > wasn't diagnosed. Just thought it was me being a schmuck. I wish I had
      > some good advice - I don't. I've tried different anti-depressants, gained
      > weight because of it and still have trouble understanding exactly what part
      > is depression and what isn't. Talking does help. I guess all I can say is
      > we are listening and understand.
      > Pam in Maine

      thanks, Pam.... I have the ups and downs with depression.. funny.. i was
      never depressed all my life til this came.. when i was diagnosed .. docs said I
      had probably had it for about 20 years.... so at the beginning of my marriage..
      think maybe came at the birth of my first child.... very dirty rural hosp...
      had infection in my stitches even and had to have minor surgery on them..
      couldnt sit for some weeks.. LOL... loved that donut thing for the bath... called
      it a sits bath then.. LOL... memories.. do a lot of remembering of late ..
      comes with age i guess.. fought idea that i am older for some time but.. is
      finally sneaking in .. when it takes me a few minutes to get up from sitting..
      LOL...Yes, Pam, talking is so good.. and esp on here and at my support group..
      altho better here cuz most in my support group dont seem to have problems i do..
      as yet.. no one with cirrhosis.. sorry .. running at the mouth.. been a long
      week... and going to sleep in tmr.. or should say this morning... later all..

      not so down this week,

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