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  • Tatezi
    Hi Mark...thanks for the welcome. Glad I was able to post some helpful info on astragalus root. While I ve been on no mail, I ve occasionally checked the
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 5, 2004
      Hi Mark...thanks for the welcome. Glad I was able to post some helpful info on astragalus root. While I've been on no mail, I've occasionally checked the archives and have seen some discussions where I felt that someone with herb knowledge needed to be around to guide folks. But I just wasn't ready to come back yet.

      I believe that when not on treatment we should take as many supplements as we can that create more interferon in our systems. But again, care has to be taken that they are not detrimental to those with liver disease. For instance, the chinese use a combination of ginseng and astragalus...ginseng is not good for those with liver damage. And another mistake people often make is mixing herbs that counteract one another or cancel one another out.

      I am a firm believer in using our Mother's gifts for healing. But it has to be done with care and lots of research. And if using Chinese herbs it is critical that you only buy naturally grown herbs. Nowadays most Chinese herbs carried in quality health stores are certified pesticide free. China has different laws about pesticides than America does and use some that are toxic to us.

      Somewhere in my herb study files, I once made a list of the herbs that help produce natural interferon. I know where the files are...but it would take some time to find that particular info. And with working full time and being in about my 30th week of treatment, I don't have a whole lot of energy to search things out. But if I come across it, I'll post it.

      There has only been one herb I have stopped taking the two times I've been in treatment...blupleum (I always spell that wrong unless I have a bottle of it handy). Blupluem and interferon react badly together and and the result is toxicidity. This doesn't happen with supplements that help increase interferon, but it does with the man made interferons.

      So, where is my Willem and why hasn't he welcomed me back? :-))


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      Hi Tatezi. Nice to hear from you. Good post on astralgus. I will check the
      bulk mix I am taking to see if it is in there. If not, I may add it.

      I wonder how significantly it increases natural interferon production, as
      mentioned in the post? Do you feel there is a possiblity that taking it
      while on treatment may be pushing the total interferon dose higher enough to
      worsen side effects? Probably doesn't , just a thought.

      Certainly seems like increasing the natural interferon while deferring
      treatment is a good thing.

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