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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] I'm kind of confused, but that's nothing new - LOL

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  • jtwagers7@aol.com
    Hi Gail. Yeah.... it s tough thinking about doing it again , but I know I ve got to muster the inner courage and strength to try again because I believe in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2004
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      Hi Gail. Yeah.... it's tough thinking about "doing it again", but I know
      I've got to muster the inner courage and strength to try again because I believe
      in the "power of belief" LOL! I gotta keep saying to myself "you can do it
      ; you will make it ; you will pull through it and reach SVR one day". My GI
      doc talked to me (at the time of diagnosis and prior to beginning tx), about
      how some of his Hep C patients remain on maintenance therapy, and we talked
      about the fact that even if I don't make it to the 12 week mark, my liver would
      "appreciate" the treatment. Well, as I said earlier, I did two whopping
      weeks of it. Honestly, though -- other than the excruiating pain on account of
      the "underlying peridontal disease" (that the Peg / Cop only magnified) -- I
      actually felt that I would do OK on treatment because (other than the pain) I
      didn't have the typical "bad side effects" (yet).

      And regards the biopsy -- yes..... I was biopsied in June (Friday, June 13,
      at that - LOL) and was found to be Grade 3 / Stage 2, which isn't all that
      "bad" (but then I had to consider my age, too, as I didn't want to wait and
      possibly HAVE to do treatment years later when my liver would be "worse off". My
      "workup" labs at that same time showed slightly elevated LFT's (ALTs)
      decreased wbcs, rbcs, and platelets (clotting factor was still OK for biopsy). I
      did have some unusual bruising back then, too, and some other signs of "heppy
      feeling", i.e. fatigue beyond belief, depression, change in cognition,
      sleeplessness, night sweats, spider nevi coming up all over my neck, face, upper arms,
      etc., and so......... I was READY to treat back then once I knew why I was
      feeling so bad!

      Feeling "good" now (and in fact almost back to normal), it's difficult to
      think about attempting again, BUT -- I'm gonna! Just gotta get myself psyched
      back up!

      Big sigh! LOL. :):)

      Thanks for the support and your words of encouragement. I hope you're doing
      well and feeling OK.

      Bye for now.


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      > Hi Julie. I understand why you're hesitant to go with treatment again if
      > you feel so much better. Have you had a liver biopsy? This is really the
      > landmark to go by when considering treatment. If your biopsy shows little
      > damage, then you can drag your feet in regards to treatment. If it shows
      > damage-moderate to severe, then you should consider treatment-even if you
      > don't respond, treatment will slow progression of liver damage, even help it
      > heal during the treatment. Some doctors will prescribe low dose, long term
      > interferon treatment for that purpose only. Either way you go-you will be
      > mostly supported here-we have all agreed to disagree now and then.
      > gail

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