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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Canada opens drug clinic

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  • Carol
    Now this pisses me off!! I can t get treatment cuz my ALT is too low to suit the bastards who are too busy spending money opening drug clinics. Why can t
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2003
      Now this pisses me off!! I can't get treatment cuz my ALT is too low to suit the bastards who are too busy spending money opening drug clinics. Why can't they get their priorities straight?. Sorry, I'm just venting....but I'm so mad. And yes, it is 7:10 pm here (LOL).

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      Thursday, October 2, 2003

      Canada opens drug clinic

      Health officials defend need for haven where addicts' use is supervised

      By Jane Armstrong / Toronto Globe and Mail

      VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- With her matted hair and emaciated frame,
      Diane Boszak is the perfect poster girl for a controversial clinic to help
      drug addicts. At 32, Boszak is addicted to heroin and crack. She uses dirty
      needles. She's sick with hepatitis C and admits she can't beat drugs.
      Health officials say Boszak illustrates exactly why addicts need a haven to
      use intravenous drugs. And it's why what is said to be the first clinic in
      North America to supervise drug use opened last month in Vancouver. There,
      addicts can use drugs under medical supervision and without fear of arrest.

      The clinic is a gamble. Europe and Australia have injection clinics. In
      North America, authorities have traditionally taken an abstinence-based,
      law-and-order approach to drug use. Proponents argue that the clinic is
      needed to fight the epidemic of drug-related infections and disease raging
      though Vancouver's skid row.

      Detractors -- and there are plenty -- say it condones drug use and will
      speed the downward spiral of addicts. Still others say the clinic's ground
      rules are too tough and might scare away addicts.

      Mayor Larry Campbell, who promised the clinic in his mayoral bid, is
      optimistic. He hopes it will save lives. "So far this year, 37 people have
      died of overdose deaths ... this year in Vancouver," Campbell said. "What I
      hope is that it's going to prevent 37 people from dying."

      The federal agency Health Canada has granted the clinic an exemption from
      criminal prosecution. The clinic, which is a three-year pilot project, won't
      provide drugs, but it has Ottawa's blessing to teach addicts how to inject
      safely. And it has federal money to pay researchers to track the progress of
      its addicted clients.

      "This is incredibly precedent setting," said Ann Livingston, who has worked
      with addicts. "It's saying, you the user are a human being and deserve to
      be treated like one, not just die in an alley."

      The site will be open 18 hours a day and staffed by 40 medical
      professionals. It is expecting about 800 visits a day. After years of
      hand-wringing, Vancouver residents finally embraced the idea of a
      supervised injection site. But outside the city, there's more skepticism.

      U.S. reaction to the pilot project has been hostile. John Walters, director
      of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, called the
      project "state-sponsored personal suicide."

      Vancouver police are waiting to see what happens. Constable Sarah Bloor
      said police signed on to the pilot project because, like health officials,
      its members too have watched the area slide into chaos. Police acknowledge
      they don't know what to expect. "This has never been done in North America
      before," Bloor said.

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      Vancouver's heroin users get safe-injection site
      Last Updated Mon, 15 Sep 2003 22:19:39

      Recent article:
      Vancouver safe injection site proves popular
      Last Updated Sun, 09 Nov 2003 14:51:40

      VANCOUVER - The operators of North America's first legal supervised
      injection site say the facility has become busy sooner than they thought it
      would. The two nurses at the site, which opened less than seven weeks ago,
      are overseeing about 450 drug injections a day. About 600 visits would be
      close to the daily capacity, according to an official at Vancouver Coastal
      Health Authority.

      Mark Townsend of the Portland Hotel Society, which runs the site along with
      the health authority, said officials predicted it would take about six
      months for the site to have as many users as it currently has. They thought
      many drug users would be scared off by the surveillance cameras, the police
      presence in the neighbourhood and the offers of counselling provided by the
      government-funded project. Intravenous drug users in the city's
      poverty-stricken Downtown Eastside come to the building to get clean
      needles. They also get medical supervision. The nurses prevented six deaths
      by drug overdose since the site opened on Sept. 15, according to Townsend.
      Written by CBC News Online staff

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    • Alley
      Carol, I m with ya. I don t live in Canada but it would piss me off too! I have normal alts as well. Write em a nasty letter! Alley Grand Prairie, Tx 2:29am
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 29, 2003
        Carol, I'm with ya. I don't live in Canada but it would piss me off too! I have normal alts as well.

        Write em a nasty letter!

        Grand Prairie, Tx
        2:29am central time

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