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stubborn virus

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  • Alley
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2003
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      <<The authors concluded that consensus interferon administered by
      continuous delivery via the Medtronic MiniMed pump shows early
      substantial reduction of HCV RNA levels among nonresponder patients
      and shows a good safety and tolerability profile. Updated data on a
      total of 22 patients (including 10 naïve genotype 1 patients) will be

      I was reading thru some of these before I delete them and wanted to

      ON this continuous pump interferon... I had IV interferon high dose for a
      month, every weekday, then high dose interferon for a year, 3 shots a week,
      (for the malignant melanoma) and still, I have my dratted Hep C. And that's
      AFTER the 48 week treatment for hep C, where I did ribavirin (6 pills a day)
      + Interferon shots every other day, not just 3 days a week.

      Now if that isn't a stubborn virus, I dunno what is!

      THAT is why I won't do treatment again for hep c. Besides, ribavirin is a
      carcinogen and after having cancer, I cannot, and will not do it. (and
      because of the type of cancer).

      So I just wanted to clarify, when I say I will not do the standard meds for
      treatment again, yall know why.

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