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Yahoo! News - Bone Disease Worry for Former SARS Patients

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  • AlleyPat
    Bone Disease Worry for Former SARS Patients Fri Oct 10, 4:42 AM ET
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2003
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      Bone Disease Worry for Former SARS Patients
      Fri Oct 10, 4:42 AM ET


      HONG KONG (Reuters) - Dozens of former SARS (news - web sites) patients in Hong Kong are suffering from bone degeneration, known as avascular necrosis, sources said Friday, throwing the spotlight back on the controversial cocktail of drugs used to treat many patients during the epidemic.

      A substantial number of cases have already been proven. We are now trying to ascertain the severity," said Leung Ping-chung, an orthopedics specialist at the Prince of Wales Hospital, where the first wave of SARS infections in Hong Kong were treated.

      Almost all SARS patients in Hong Kong were treated with the anti-viral drug ribavirin and steroids earlier this year, but many health experts said at the time the efficacy of the combination was unproven and could lead to serious side-effects.


      I'm curious because of the ribavirin, keen on any info on long term effects... Alley

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