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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] RE: I'm giving up too / Carol

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  • Greg L Newman
    Hi Carole, I found these 2 sites, the 1st leads to the 2nd, where I got the quote. According to this, whatever else it raises, it also raises the level of
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1, 2003
      Hi Carole, I found these 2 sites, the 1st leads to the 2nd, where I got the quote. According to this, whatever else it raises, it also raises the level of permeability of the cell tissues wherever it is applied. Greg Newman
      Where it speaks of toxic buildup, in the news yesterday was something from a top university, UCSD, about a substance found in red meats called Neu5Gc or Neu3Gc that is ooo eee ooo non-human. Sounds funny at first I know, but ... they mean nonhuman as in humans don't produce it, don't use it, don't need it, actually fight against it with immune cells. This stuff, like the toxins mentioned below, also gets imbedded in the body. It comes from red meats (and something about dairy products too). Bummer hmm?

      Imbedded in the body and causes immune responses everytwhere. Inflammation. Leads to aging, deterioration, illness, debilitation. Makes sense to me from what I know and experienced as a dietician/nutritionist since the mid sixties. Get me a week on bad food & drink and I'm twitching and sick and slow and pale and you know what I mean. And I won't touch milk anymore though I am trying to reinstate my self-imposed ban on ice cream. I stumbled and haven't been able to say no for some time.

      Anyway, about MSM, it sounds real interesting to try. Generally, a gentle flow of nutrients through the body is good. IF you got too much A-Z 900 bottles plus meals etc you take each day, that actually wears one down from overload. Digestion requires a lot of work for the body. Lots of times, people don't need to eat that meal at the table. Just take the salad. We store a lot of nutrients, and mostly our bodies use our food stores pretty good, especially the better we eat and exercise (moderately consistently). I have prob 200 dif types of health pills from herbs to vitamins & minerals to aminos to non-alcoholic extracts. All of them are great, but you can't eat them all everyday. Some are staples of the diet you should take everyday, but others no. If MSM will stop your pain or solve your problem, if it's not toxic as stated by many, then what's the harm in trying it to see. It might be one for daily application. I must say it looks good for pain relief and cleansing, but it appears
      to do it very well which might mean a person needs to take it very very slow at first and watch the effects. And do like I do, take some info to one of your doctors and ask them for a qualified opinion, not just a comment, but if they don't kow, read the info, verify it, and next appt give you a qualified (as in 'researched') opinion. I don't mean a new doctor, but one who knows you and your condition(s).

      Gotta go,

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