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Hepatitis C Virus, B-cell Proliferation and Lymphomas

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  • claudine intexas
    Leukemia and Lymphoma Publisher: Taylor & Francis Health Sciences, part of the Taylor & Francis Group Issue: Volume 43, Number 4/2002 Pages: 747 - 751
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
      Leukemia and Lymphoma
      Publisher: Taylor & Francis Health Sciences, part of the Taylor &
      Francis Group
      Issue: Volume 43, Number 4/2002
      Pages: 747 - 751

      Hepatitis C Virus, B-cell Proliferation and Lymphomas

      Daniela Gasparotto, Valli De Re, Mauro Boiocchi

      Division of Experimental Oncology 1, Centro di Riferimento
      Oncologico, via Pedemontana Occidentale 12, 33081 Aviano (PN), Italy


      Accumulating evidence support a role for hepatitis C virus (HCV) in
      the pathogenesis of human lymphoproliferative disorders. Clonal
      expansions of B lymphocytes have been prevalently detected in the
      bone marrow, in the liver and in the peripheral blood of HCV-infected
      patients. Epidemiologic studies have associated HCV infection with an
      increased risk of B-cell lymphoma development, particularly of those
      with primary localization to organs target of HCV infection.

      The analysis of the B-cell receptor variable region sequences in
      sequential phases of HCV-associated lymphomas provided evidence of an
      ongoing somatic mutation process still present in the neoplastic
      cells. A restricted repertoire of V, D, J genes was used to assemble
      the B-cell receptor, and a frequent occurrence of certain gene
      combinations (V1-69/D3-22/J4 heavy chain with a V3-20 encoded light
      chain; V3-7/D3/J3 heavy chain with V3-15/J1 light chain;
      V3-23/D3-22/J4 or V4-59/D2-15/J2 with a V3-20 light chain) was
      observed, thus suggesting a common antigen-binding specificity for
      these B-cell clones. The high similarity to antibodies with
      rheumatoid factor (RF) activity as well as to anti-HCV E2 antibodies
      suggested that HCV, alone or in complex with IgG, could play a
      pathogenetic role as an exogenous trigger in certain stages of B-cell
      lymphoproliferation and in certain subsets of B-cell non-Hodgkin's
      lymphomas (NHLs). The restricted gene repertoire used to assemble the
      B-cell receptor observed in HCV-associated B-cell NHLs could have
      important implications as an antigenic target in anti-tumor
      immunologic therapies.


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