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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Good news - Bad news

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  • AlleyPat
    Tat said I think you mean 4.2 million
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 24, 2003
      Tat said <<My viral load was 4,200,000 international units 3 years ago before starting Rebetron. Now my viral load is 44,606,000>>

      I think you mean 4.2 million copies. IU doesn't measure in the millions if I understand it correctly. 4.2 million copies is midrange. Normally, IU measures to 850,000 IU, depending on who does the testing of course.

      Now 44.6 MILLION copies? Are you SURE? that doesn't sound right.

      <<Good news...he wrote out a script for Pegasys >> I'm sorry actually. Is your liver bad enough to warrant treatment? What is your genotype and liver biopsy result? good luck with it, after the 6th mo of tx I had to quit work.

      If your liver is not in cirrhosis, I'd think twice about doing treatment that could leave you with permanent health problems (I'm still itching almost 3 years later and my fibromyalgia is much worse than before tx).

      On your dry eyes, get that recorded in your health records. They will probably call it Sojerns? forgot how to spell it, Syndrome. It will come in handy when and if you decide you need disability.

      If you are not cirrhotic and just got a new job, I wouldn't jeopardize it by doing treatment. That's just me. A year isn't gonna matter one way or the other with your liver. I just don't want to see you losing your job because you're too tired or sick to drag yourself out of bed. I know how hard it's been for you.

      I think it is the best thing not to tell work. They will find some way to get rid of you if you do.

      What antidepressant are you on? Interferon is a known depressant, so with the right antid, you should be able to avoid the crankiness. OK nevermind I read more. I did amytriptaline/Elavil right? I did it for sleep, but for most people, it doesn't work well as an antidepressant. Most doctors don't prescribe it for an anti d but will for sleep. I liked it, slept all nite on it, but we got concerned that it caused the itching so now I'm on trazadone.

      Has anyone in here used Zonegran? My shrink put me on it. Supposed to be good for neuropathic pain and for me it doesn't work.

      OK I'm rambling. Good luck Tat!



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