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March on DC for Awareness May, 23rd

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      Subject: March on DC for Awareness May, 23rd

      Hepatitis C's Movement for Awareness

      News ....

      . . . from Hepatitis C's Movement for Awareness


      April, 2003



      540 248 4994

      The National March on DC for Awareness


      By Wendy Wright,

      Staff Reporter

      This years line up for speakers at Hepatitis C's Movement for

      Awareness (HMA) National March on DC will be phenomenal says Tricia

      Lupole, Nat'l Coordinator for the movement. Events are scheduled to

      begin Thursday, May 22, 2003 with a pre-march rally at the Holiday Inn

      Downtown. A silent auction will be held to benefit awareness. This will

      be followed by the National March to Freedom Plaza the next day, Friday

      the 23rd.

      The March begins at 10 am with a rally across from the Capitol on

      the National Mall, located at 3rd street. They will arrive at Freedom

      Plaza with guest speakers scheduled from 1 to 4 pm. A wide variety of

      topics focused on the devastation of Hepatitis C (HCV) to families

      across America will be presented. Doctors, advocates, veterans groups

      and people living with this disease will discuss the huge hurdles in HCV

      awareness, prevention and education. A dinner and raffle is scheduled

      for that evening.

      The activities continue Saturday, May 24th with participation in

      veterans ceremonies honoring our military. Things will wind down with a

      candle light vigil that night, taking place at Thomas Circle National

      Park, located at Massachusetts and Vermont Ave. Participants will light

      candles and read names in remembrance of all those that passed from this

      devastating disease. The International Quilts will be on display all

      three days.

      Lupole says "We are pleased to announce that Ms. Debbie

      Delgado-Vega, CEO and Founder of the Latino Organization for Liver

      Awareness (LOLA) will speak May 23rd at Freedom Plaza." For several

      years L.O.L.A. has led a major HCV grassroots public education campaign

      targeting Latinos through HCV bilingual/bicultural educational programs

      and materials, support groups, referral services and a toll free number.

      L.O.L.A. is the first national voluntary organization dedicated to

      the Latino community and other underserved populations suffering from

      liver disease and/or need a liver transplant in the United States. They

      have successfully reached out to a total of 13 million people with

      intensive radio and television media coverage. Ms. Vega truly

      understands the needs of the HCV community and it is an honor to have

      her speak.

      We are also thrilled to have Alexander Aitken, Chairman of the

      Canadian Hepatitis C Network. He will discuss the tainted blood

      history... the story the US never hears. Mr. Aitken and The Canadian

      Network have worked hard for many years, protecting victims rights that

      were violated as a result of the blood scandal that has rocked every

      country in the world, except the USA. The illegal sale of prison blood

      from USA to Canada is responsible for millions of infections in the USA,

      Canada and the world.

      Through the Canadian Network and other advocates efforts, the

      government established a look-back program to identify victims of bad

      blood products. Although there is still much disagreement over the

      actual scope of time the blood was contaminated, the country has made

      progress identifying infected people. The USA look-back program for

      patients infected with HCV was established in 1996. No patients have

      been identified and the program has virtually come to a complete halt.

      At the Eighteenth Meeting of the Department of Health and Human

      Services Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability for

      Transfusion Transmissible Diseases, held January 23, 2003 in Washington,

      DC, the theme was "Prioritizing Decisions in Transfusion Medicine." The

      conclusion was, again, to remove financial barriers to testing

      individuals identified by current government standards for being at


      The Canadian Network was also instrumental in the recent Mounted

      Police charges laid against high ranking Canadian government officials

      and a USA pharmaceutical company executive for neglect and failure to

      protect the blood supply. The Mounted Police say more charges are

      pending. Lupole says "We are certain to learn a great deal from our

      Canadian brothers and sisters."

      Other guest speakers include Ed Wendt, the editor of Hep C

      Intelligence Report and Houston Metro News Bureau. He is also the Award

      Winner of the Houston Press Club Print Journalist of the Year 1998 and a

      Vietnam Veteran.

      His early investigative work on the connection between Hepatitis C

      and the military opened the doors and gave courage to thousands of

      Veterans. Mr. Wendt continues HCV awareness through state activism and

      will speak for Houston Texans stricken with HCV and the failure of

      legislators to effectively deal with the epidemic. His message will be

      powerful for all advocates battling for fundamental right.

      Miles Keaton Andrew, Vice President of the Hepatitis C Association,

      will encourage patients to educate themselves so that they may, along

      with their physicians, make the best decisions regarding their treatment

      of the hepatitis C virus. Education is the key to empowerment. He will

      also discuss some of the possible future treatments that researchers are

      now studying.

      The Hepatitis C Association goals include keeping the importance of

      organ donation to the forefront of the public's mind. They offer

      emotional support to patients living with this insidious disease by

      making information available on-line, in brochures, and on a toll-free

      support line. Another important goal is to help de-stigmatize the

      disease for all people living with HCV.

      Don Doty is president of The Georgia Doty Health Education Fund

      (GDHEF), a nonprofit health organization formulated to inspire, support

      and enhance community efforts toward hepatitis C issues present in

      Chicago's underserved communities. He will speak on cultural exposure to

      Hepatitis C.

      As an African American and former Marine, Mr. Doty relates to this

      population. He will speak of problems dealing with denial he and others

      face. Issues like admitting to HCV, to concerns over rejection from

      society once they learn of the infection. Mr. Doty states "The real

      killer is the lack of knowledge and discipline to change one's way of

      life and the way they think."

      Ray Hill is the producer/host of "The Prison Show" KPFT-FM in

      Houston Texas. He will talk about the critical role prisons play in the

      spread of HCV. Mr. Hill will explain why these systems have been in

      epidemic status for over 30 years. He states the epidemic exists because

      of the poor choice in priorities made by the prison systems. These poor

      choices allow infected inmates to be released, untreated, and in some

      cases, unaware they have HCV. These inmates are taking the risk of

      infection home when they're released. The burden for treatment is then

      placed on the public health care systems.

      Prisons, jails, juvenal detention homes and mental hospitals are

      the Dragon's Den, with astounding rates of infection. As high as 50% in

      some institutions. Mr. Hill's message has a critical role if we intend

      on stopping the spread of this disease.

      Richard F. Weidman is the Director of Government Relations for the

      Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). The VVA is a congressionally

      appointed service organization designated to help military veterans. Mr.

      Weidman and the VVA have assisted HCV veterans by winning the first

      claim granted by the Veterans Administration (VA) that includes the

      pneumatic air guns used on soldiers for inoculations with vaccines.

      Veterans have given statements time and time again to the

      conditions these guns were used under. Reports are ramped of unsanitary

      conditions during immunizations combined with bleeding wounds caused by

      flinching from high impact air used to deliver the vaccine. Despite

      recent studies showing contamination of the jet guns is possible, the VA

      has moved slowly to help the 2+ million veterans infected. The VVA is

      the first service organization to pursue HCV transmission by jet gun

      injection, helping veterans prove the connection.

      Mr. Weidman's deep concern of the treatment HCV veterans receive

      led to testimony before the Government Accounting Office this past

      January, forcing the VA to account for hundreds of thousands of dollars

      in misappropriated funds for their care. Although Congress allocated

      $40,000.00 per infected veteran for treatment, they were given older

      medicines that offer half the chance for success. Prescriptions for

      treatment were placed in pharmaceutical drawers awaiting money to fill


      Mr. Weidman will address the VA's need for more extensive

      education, awareness, and testing campaigns.

      We have many more outstanding speakers coming to DC to gather for

      awareness. This years march will help all of us understand the needs of

      each other in order to stop the spread of this disease.

      Lupole and members of HMA believe, through unity, they can change

      the prediction that 1 in 5 will have this disease in the near future.

      "So come on out," she says, and help us wake up this nation and the

      world to the devastation of HCV, May 23rd.

      For more information about the National March for Awareness, visit their

      website at http://hcvets.com/forum_public/hma/disc.htm or

      Email HMAwareness@...

      Phone 540 248 4994

      About busses

      New York/New Jersey/Connecticut

      Dear Friends,

      We are in the process of reserving Coach Buses for those in the New

      York/New Jersey/Connecticut area to transport participants to DC from

      NYC with a same day return. The cost of the bus will be $50 round trip,

      and $30 for those who are disabled or whose financial situation is

      limited. (We will try not to turn anybody anyway.)

      If you have any questions please email Shari Newman-Foster


      Join us on May 23rd for our Second Annual HCV March on DC for Awareness.

      Bring your friends and family. It's time for our voices to be heard, we

      will not be ignored any longer.

      Central Jersey

      MAY 23 - National Hepatitis-C Awareness Day Washington DC or BUST!

      The Central Jersey Hep-C support Group that meets at Robert Wood Johnson

      in Hamilton is making plans for 1 to N (whatever persons registering

      with us, seem to warrant) 15 Passenger Vans. Email and local Web Page

      provided below. Cost for each person will be based on total cost (full

      van will be less than $30 total) and ability to pay. Those in financial

      straits will ride for less.

      Our object is to have the fellowship and support of each other on our

      trip there and back and get as many there as we can. We look to share

      the expenses not a penny more. Open to the victims, their family and

      friends. Like the Dragon we will not discriminate.

      Will leave from the Park and Ride on Route US 130 in Brunswick area

      (Junction with Route 32). That way those that can drive can park their

      cars there.

      Please sign up by email to

      matta00@... or Mgoo500300@...

      or get more information and sign up at the web site


      Why We're Marching on DC for Awareness


      5,126,344+ Americans with HCV


      40% Have no clue how they were infected


      75% of all people & 91% African American

      HCV+ are genotype 1's

      33% chance to clear with Peg or Pegasus



      Riverside County Ca.

      133 people test positive each Month

      http://www.dhs.ca.gov/ps/dcdc/pdf/Hepatitis C Strategic Plan - 2001.pdf


      CA- African American women

      222% higher infection rate than Nation


      NY 20% Higher rate than Nation


      Studies determines Hepatitis C

      Risk Not Limited to Injection Drug Users


      Boston- HCV soars 300% in the last four years


      FDA Cannot Guarantee Reused/Reprocessed

      "Single Use" Medical Devices


      Ear/Nose/Throat scope transmit HCV


      Surgeons transmit HCV


      Surgeons Refuse to take HCV test

      after patients test positive


      The CDC states "no association with military service or exposures

      resulting from medical, surgical, or dental procedures, tattooing,

      acupuncture, ear piercing, or foreign travel. If transmission from

      such exposures does occur, the frequency might be too low to detect."


      Most Americans with HCV

      Are Veterans.


      HCV by Ticks and Mosquitoes


      HCV DNA found on toothbrushes


      HCV by Viral Proxy


      One in ten parents cannot

      donate blood to their children


      Medicaid pays for Viagra and

      not Peg Interferon


      Most people do not think they

      need to be tested.

      Record numbers of people will die because of little funding and failure

      to research this disease as a whole!




      Click here to

      Join our Campaigns NOW!!

      We are the Hepatitis C's

      Movement for Awareness

      Contact: Tricia HMAwareness@...

      Phone: 540 248 4994

      Visit Our Forum


      Tell a Friend!

      March on Dc May 23,2003

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