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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] chinese wisdom

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  • Tatezi
    Willem, Glad you went to see the Chinese doctor about your rash...sometimes they can fix thing that western medicine can t. I think it s because they look at
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      Glad you went to see the Chinese doctor about your rash...sometimes they can
      "fix" thing that western medicine can't. I think it's because they look at
      the whole and focus on keeping the qi (chi--spirit's energy) flowing smootly
      through any blockages. It has always fascinated me how chinese medicine
      works on so many things.

      And you are right that a lot of people with Hep C have rashes...I only
      wonder if it's the Hep or as a result of the treatment.

      Good luck my friend and keep us posted.

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      > Hi.Because the rashes did.nt go away,tried everything.Asking people one
      said they are small animals you can only see under I microscope another said
      it.s because of spring in the air.The busdriver told me that I should be
      carefull with the woman I take in my house.(if he only knew?).my neighbour
      of 85 helped me to wash all the blankets and sheets,she is in Hospital now
      with a mild hart-attack.My GP told me it was a allergy and could hve a
      thousand causes.Before I was going to kill myself I went to see my old
      Chinese practioner.Sat down in tears and told him my story.He gave me a
      hankerchief and a cup of thea and in broken English he told me that even if
      the virus is no longer detectable in the blood the liver has been damaged to
      a degree you can only see in a Biopsy.It could very well be that the liver
      does.nt perform all it.s functions and may not be able to clear some
      substances out of the blood.That might very well be the cause of your
      rash.Also it takes a long time before the hea
      > completely out of your system.He gave me some herbs(thea)and told me to
      drink at least three liters of pure or boiled water every day,eat fruit(no
      grapefruit) and vegatables with rice only,no meat,coffee,alcohol,tobacco. He
      stressed the point that this is absolutely essential. I have to purify my
      body.Have to come back in 2 weeks. I thanked him in Chineese and paid him 10
      dollars..I went on the Dutch Hep-site and many have Rashes AFTER they had
      treatment.Ok see if this works because all those learned Doctor.s could.nt
      help me.Willem.
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