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    Les Said LEST2001@aol.com Subject: I haven t posted in a long time. Hello all;        I haven t posted in a long time, but I still try and read other
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2003
      Les Said

      Subject: I haven't posted in a long time.

      Hello all;
             I haven't posted in a long time, but I still try and read other
      people's post as the come in.
             I know a lot of us with HCV have severe pain in our joints, but can
      anyone tell me why HCV causes so many of us to have joint pain?  
             I would appreciate any information on this subject.
      Take care,

      heres something that should answer your question.. cross posted..
      Take care eh Pete G

      Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 00:52:29 -0000
      > Subject: [HepatitisCLEARINGAndClear] Diseases caused
      > by HCV.....We are not crazy!!
      WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!!   Someday there will be enough
      research to prove that alot of symptoms we have been
      living with are HCV related and not just old age.   
      After reading through the articles, I came to realize
      what I have known all along, the surface has barely
      been scratched of what this insideous disease creates.
      I have always felt that at some point when
      researchers finally put enough concrete data together
      to prove all the different symptoms, diseases, and
      syndromes that this virus creates, they will
      eventually have to change the name of the virus
      from hepatitis to......?

      The liver is just a small part of the devastation
      this virus wreaks on the body.

      Sending you all warm hugs.

      > According to current understanding, the hepatitis C
      > virus (HCV) causes
      > disease in two general ways. The first is by
      > infecting cells. Once
      > inside the cell, the virus directly damages or kills
      > the cell. This
      > mechanism is called cytopathic damage. The second
      > way the hepatitis C
      > virus causes damage is by provoking an immune
      > response. The immune
      > system is your body's way of protecting itself from
      > invading agents
      > such as viruses and bacteria. An overactive or
      > misdirected immune
      > response an damage infected cells and the normal
      > surrounding tissue.
      > This mechanism is called immunopathic damage.
      > When HCV was first discovered, experts thought the
      > virus infected only
      > liver cells. However, more recent research has
      > revealed that HCV also
      > infects parts of the immune system, specifically the
      > lymphatic system
      > and peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Experts now
      > understand that
      > hepatitis C is not just a liver disease but is a
      > systemic disease,
      > meaning it can affect nearly any organ of the body.
      > As you read
      > through the list of possible signs and symptoms
      > associated with
      > hepatitis C infection, you may find some of the
      > symptoms you have
      > been experiencing that you thought were caused by
      > something else may
      > actually be caused by hepatitis C. This is important
      > because knowing
      > why you are having a symptom is often the first step
      > in alleviating
      > the symptom, or making it less troublesome.
      > (the symptoms list can be read at the website

      "Chance favors the prepared mind"
      Louis Pasteur

      ** If you can't be a good example then you have to be a horrible warning**

      Da YOOPER

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