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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] sleep deprivation

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  • Tatezi
    Oh Pete, my heart goes out to you. I never had a sleep problem before and had absolutely no idea all the things that sleep deprivation could affect. I can t
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2003
      Oh Pete, my heart goes out to you. I never had a sleep problem before and had absolutely no idea all the things that sleep deprivation could affect. I can't imagine living without good sleep for years. You mentioned the sublingual meds you took for headaches....my homeopath tried several concoctions for my sleep but they didn't help....but so many other things he has treated have been resolved. If you are taking something with morning glory in it, it almost sounds as if it is a homeopathic treatment. You might give homeopathic sleeping remedies a try.

      I grew out of my headaches....my dad once told me that as I grew up and started seeing the big picture instead of all the little pieces it would help with the headaches. He too had migraines. I never believed him but as I aged my headaches lessened until they were no more. Well, I shouldn't say 'no more" because I might have a migraine once a year now....but living with constant headaches is the absolute worse and I really sympathize with people who live with headaches.

      Good luck with your sleep. Have you tried accupuncture?
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      > Sleep deprivation is just an awful thing.
      Its been used as a form of torture over the centuries.

      I have had it for 30+ years, Night mares,waking mares, flash backs, Never in
      all those 30 years of not being able to sleep have I ever gotten a nights
      rest where I got into stage 4 sleep. dont even know what that would be like.
      When I self medicated, ie:
      booze, hard drugs, opium of choice, I could get rest and sleep but it was
      always such a drugged yucky sleep it wasnt what I wanted or needed. I have
      tried all the VA's sleep meds, head meds, totaling into the hundreds, all in
      vain to try and capture that elusive good nights sleep. So enjoy those of you
      that have what I can only wish I could dream of...

      Tatezi says I had migraines and cluster headaches and it was almost
      unbearable. I don't have any answers for you.

      I to was a master of headaches I had them all...BUT
      I found a Dr. that was a headache specialist because he was a sufferer also.
      I was put on the antidote for the poison that I was to take (It was a member
      of the morning glory plant family and a poison.) (used it subligialy) cant
      remember names. Brain dead today.. most days.. Havent had one since.. 1987
      Thank the Lord...

      Pete G

      "Chance favors the prepared mind"
      Louis Pasteur

      ** If you can't be a good example then you have to be a horrible warning**

      Da YOOPER

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