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Guaranteed legitimate new virus alert

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  • Linda C. Miller
    Hi, folks: I am certain this is a legitimate virus alert, as it came from the Administrator of the Computer Support Office of the federal government agency for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2002
      Hi, folks:

      I am certain this is a legitimate virus alert, as it came from the Administrator of the Computer Support Office of the federal government agency for which I used to work.

      We all like to receive email especially E-Greeting cards, this time of year. But there is a virus spreading out there attached to those wonderful cards and it can come from your best friend or relative. Be careful and remeber that none of the popular, legitimate E-Greeting card sites require you to download or install any software. If you do receive an E-Card and it requests you install software or accept an End User License Agreement, please be safe and delete it. You can always contact the sender and inquire about the card they sent you.


      Here's info copied and pasted from the Symantec web site about this virus:


      Discovered on: October 25, 2002

      Last Updated on: November 15, 2002 08:27:28 PM PST

      Symantec Security Response is aware of a widespread e-card (electronic greeting card) that appears to have the characteristics of a worm. Based on a number of requests from Symantec's corporate customers, Security Response has provided definitions that detect and block this program.
      The installation of software that is associated with the e-card requires your permission for it to perform its mass-mailing functions. If you cancel the installation of the software, no worm-like activities are performed.


      · Virus definitions dated November 8, 2002 were modified to account for the updated version of W32.Friendgreet.worm.

      · Periodically, the original Web site (http://www.friendgreetings.com) to which the e-card is linked appears to be unavailable.

      · As this is written, removal instructions are available from the FriendGreetings Web site. Go to:


      At the present time this page has links to FriendGreetings technical support and to their support page, which contains the removal instructions. (Symantec cannot guarantee the continued presence of this page nor the accuracy of the instructions.)

      · The following Web sites have been reported to host the installation package for W32.Friendgreet.worm. This has not been confirmed by Symantec Security Response. Also note that other, similarly-named sites may exist.

      o www.friend-card.com

      o www.friend-card.net

      o www.friend-cards.com

      o www.cool-downloads.com

      o www.cool-downloads.net

      o www.friend-greet.com

      o www.friend-greeting.com

      o www.friend-greeting.net

      o www.friend-greetings.com

      o www.friend-greetings.net

      o www.friend-cards.net

      o www.laugh-mail.com

      Also Known As: Friendgreetings, WORM_FRIENDGRT.A [Trend], WORM_FRIENDGRT.B [Trend], Friend Greeting application [McAfee], Friend Greeting application (II) [McAfee]
      Systems Affected: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
      Systems Not Affected: Windows 3.x, Macintosh, OS/2, Unix, Linux

      Better safe than sorry! Keep your anti-virus software updated, and pay attention to the E-cards you open.


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