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Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Willem was Back

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  • Tatezi
    Hi Willem... So sorry that you had this terrible experience but please don t let it take your faith in humanity away from you. It was a terrible experience and
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      Hi Willem...

      So sorry that you had this terrible experience but please don't let it take your faith in humanity away from you. It was a terrible experience and one that was so unfair as you were helping these people....but when you weigh this against all the people you have helped and have helped you, does not humanity still win out? Please do not lose hope. There are lots of emotions experienced after one endures a traumatic event such as that and anger and withdrawal are a couple of them. Remember turtle....draw into yourself and heal yourself...but don't stay there. (Seems to me you said that to me not so very long ago <g>)

      You are one of the best people I know....the extent of your giving of yourself is so admirable. Please don't let those people take that away from you...it is what makes you special and unique. Think of all the people who would miss out if you withdrew from helping those in need.

      I've sent prayers of thanks to Wakan Tanka for your survival and that your healing will not take long....and not just your physical healing but your spiritual healing also. It is so hard to understand how someone you were helping could do such a thing to you...but sometimes humyns, which are the cruelest of all species, do such unexplainable things. A lesson I would learn from this would be not to bring strangers into my home again...help them all you can outside of your nest, your center of the universe, but do not allow them to cross into your personal space.

      I've been way behind in keeping up with mail. Things have been going on in my life that have required a lot of quiet time...a lot of meditating, drumming, etc. to keep myself centered and the keep the negativity that is being thrown at me from entering my shields. I'm so sorry, I wasn't here when you needed a me. But I am here and even starting to catch up on my mail and remember that the Great Spirit is in everything and everyone.

      I'll write more later...a friend is on her way so we can go grocery shopping. And I never miss an opportunity to go grocery shopping in a car rather than on foot. Makes a world of difference to my back.

      Blessings my dear friend and I'm so glad you are back with us
      Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related) pronounced Mee taak o way Oo wah seen

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      Hi everybody.I just got out of hospital.I do voluntary work for the homel;ess and asylum seekers.On 25th august I took two roumanian seekers in my house.At three o.clock that night they attacked me,beat me up,gagged me,tied me downw and cleaned my house.I woke up in the hospital,a neighbour found me,with two broken ribs,collapsed lung,broken nose etc and a hart-attack.Things are a bit better now and I hope to fully recover.Five hoiurs after the attack the cought the bastards.Today I got all my things back,including my computer.Hv.nt read any mail as the computer was broken.Who said holland was soo nice.I hve lost all faith in humanity,will not do any more voluntary work except pushing old ladies in wheelchair.Glad to be back I really missed you guys.Love,William.

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