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9887Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Need your help...Mysterious white bumps just under skin

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  • Lonnie Williamson
    May 2, 2002
      You might try bag balm and see if it helps. About 4
      weeks into treatment, I got all sorts of
      dermatological problems and found relief from the
      majority of it with bag balm.
      --- claudine intexas <claudineintexas@...>
      > I don't recall hearing anything about these, but if
      > someone knows
      > something I'd like to know too. I have these too,
      > around my eyes. The
      > are very small, and hard. Not too noticable. Once I
      > asked my doctor
      > what it was and she told me to ask my Dermatologist
      > (whom I already
      > had an appointment with). I was in to have a type of
      > mole removed
      > that has a high incidence of turning into malignant
      > melanoma (my Dad
      > had it happen to him, same type of mole), so that
      > was really the only
      > thing on her mind. I asked, she said it was nothing
      > and she'd remove
      > it, which she did. With a needle, and it didn't feel
      > too good. It was
      > on my eyelid. Later I was picking at another one and
      > it just came
      > off. It was a tiny white hard 'ball'. I have no idea
      > what these
      > things are.

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