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  • Doc
    May 1 7:33 AM
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      Hi Mark,
      That was a good site for converting exact logs into copies.
      The way I described it is the way we use it for log reduction, when assessing a drug response.
      In fact log reduction is more frequently used in HBV than in HVC. In assessing an initial drug response we like to have 2-4 log reduction in the viral load in the first one month.
      This is just for simplifying the complex viral load figures.
      One log reduction does mean fall by 10 to the power one , however these are used in whole numbers only as 1-4 log reductions and not as 0.5 log reduction.
      HVC load maybe in millions so using log scale makes it easier to compare results in smaller numbers, hence the use of irrational numbers as log values are used and when results are compared one may get a difference 0.5 or a similar fraction.

      Keep up the good research.

      Dr Sharat Misra MD,DM,FACG
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      This link is to a discussion of HIV viral load but if you scroll to the
      bottom there is a chart that shows logs. (And I don't mean "log on" like
      when you put some wood into the cookstove:-)

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