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9854HEPC INFO. AcroMetrix Introduces Hepatitis C Genotyping Panel to the C

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  • Rocco N ARTURO
    May 1, 2002
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      Subject: HEPC INFO. AcroMetrix Introduces Hepatitis C Genotyping Panel to the C

      AcroMetrix Introduces Hepatitis C Genotyping Panel to the Clinical Laboratory Market

      BENICIA, Calif., and CLEARWATER, Fla., April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- AcroMetrix Corporation announced today at the 18th Clinical Virology Symposium the introduction of a new quality control product for laboratories conducting genotypic analyses to identify genetic variants of the hepatitis C virus (HCV). "The NAP HCV Genotype Panel provides molecular diagnostic laboratories with a set of well-characterized standards that help build physician confidence in the quality and accuracy of reported test results," said Paul Jorgensen, Director of Operations for AcroMetrix.

      The genotype of HCV has been shown to be an independent predictor of sustained virologic response to antiviral drugs such as interferon and ribavirin. In clinical studies, patients infected with genotypes 2 or 3 were more likely to respond to drug therapy than individuals infected with genotype 1, the most prevalent form of the virus in the United States. Identification of HCV genotype gives the physician the ability to tailor therapy to the particular genotype infecting the patient, potentially reducing drug dosage and the length of treatment. Accurate determination of HCV genotype is an important factor in making informed treatment decisions for individual hepatitis patients.

      It is critical that these genotyping methods become standardized to ensure accuracy, consistency and reproducibility in molecular diagnostic testing laboratories. AcroMetrix specializes in developing and commercializing such high quality standards, proficiency panels and controls for molecular diagnostics and genomics.

      The AcroMetrix NAP HCV Genotype Panel is comprised of specimens containing HCV genotypes 1 through 4. These controls ensure that laboratories are correctly identifying and reporting the appropriate genotypes in their sequence or hybridization based HCV genotype testing. This is a critical factor in building physician confidence in the quality and accuracy of the information received from molecular diagnostic testing laboratories.

      AcroMetrix is a privately held biotechnology company specializing in the standardization and quality control of molecular diagnostic and genomic technologies. AcroMetrix products and services are used by clinical testing labs, blood banks, and test manufacturers to demonstrate operator proficiency, train and certify new users, and/or compare different test methods. These quality control and standardization programs accelerate the acceptance of new molecular technologies in testing laboratories, and reduce confusion regarding the physician's interpretation of this new molecular information. AcroMetrix has taken the innovative approach of combining these molecular support products and services with advanced Internet solutions to simplify and accelerate the flow of information.

      To learn more about AcroMetrix products and services please contact Customer Service at jrr@..., visit our website at www.acrometrix.com, or call 888-746-7921.

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