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981Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Re: Chats

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  • Cynthia Morocco
    Mar 6, 2000
      hi Everyone...
      might want to consider seeking
      the advice of "Vikki" @ the
      HepC Info site...their weekly
      chats are always very together....

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      From: byteme <byteme@...>
      To: GIWorld-Hepatitis@onelist.com <GIWorld-Hepatitis@onelist.com>
      Date: Monday, March 06, 2000 3:03 PM
      Subject: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Re: Chats

      >From: "byteme" <byteme@...>
      >Dear All:
      > We might have to consider some type of compromise as to time, or do
      >2 open chats. But, I think it more important that people are interested,
      >and, these will be elective, so you can read, participate, add whatever,
      >or not sign on. If we can get this going, I think we can make changes as
      >it goes along, so even if not the best at the beginning, it can be
      > This idea on ly works if we committed and participate. So to make it
      >inconvient for everyone would not meet anyone's needs. So, like
      >everything else, we'll have to experiment, but if people are interested,
      >then we ALL will make it work, in one fashion or another. We need to
      >stay positive on all this and "go with the flow". Marty
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