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965Re: A Thought?

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  • byteme
    Mar 5, 2000
      I was wondering if anyone would be interested in developing an open chat
      forum? This could be one day a week, and the difference would be that
      many of the same concerns could be addressed at one time. List members
      may chose to participate or not, and may just sign on to see what
      isbeing said.

      It might serve for those newly diagnosed HCV patients, a way to gain
      information from others experiences, but, since they have not started
      yet, they have no idea what to expect. It could be informative, as well
      as adding support to anyone who wants to participate. This is not
      instead fo what is already inplace, but, a way to have a "live" chat, as
      well as get some concensus on the troubles people have or , are going
      through, so they may minimize, as well as take charge of their care.

      The worst thing is the unknown and we have all heard horror stories,
      many of which could be avoided. If nothing else, it could be a wider
      variety of experiences, as well as reassure those that are experiencing
      certain symptoms, or, can not get an understandable answer from the
      provider, another way to share. Just dealing with depression, the
      unknown, and the fear of the disease, might help to share, and plant
      some questions, before there are problems.

      This would not be any formal chat, but, would allow somone to ask a
      question, and remain unknown, as well as immediately address the
      person's concerns. This is also not instead of what your provider is
      doing, but as an adjunct to issues as they come up.

      What does anyone else think about something along these lines? Marty