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9322Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Another question

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  • Doc
    Apr 6, 2002
      It is important to know your HCV viral load after end of treatment. That holds the key to further outcome.

      Dr Sharat Misra MD,DM,FACG

      Like I posted before, I am almost done with recommended treatment of
      6 month course for genotype 2b w/cirochiss. I ws just wondering if u
      r still experiencing symptons of hep, I guess that means the viral
      load and virus is still there and the chance of reaching undetectable
      would not be good. Symptons i am talking about are still dark urine.
      However, if i drink a glass of water, it goes normal. Also, I hv had
      the red palms (which is also a symton of hep) for years and years and
      that is still there. My eyes are not yellow nor my skin, but eyes
      look cloudy. So, i see symptons of hep still lurking around so this
      can't be good if i am physically seeing this, right??? Also, i
      thought there ws suppose to be a viral load done @ 12 weeks and here
      I am almost finished and I hvn't had one done and only hv had 2 liver
      tests that tells about the enzymes alt and ast and both of them were
      normal. The first one ws done @ 7 weeks into treatment and they were
      normal and the second one the enzymes were even lower, but I guess
      one doesn't hv anything to do with the other. Just because u hv
      normal enzymes doesn't necessarily mean the viral load is coming
      down, right. I know I sound and I am getting really anxious right now
      and a little scared because if the dr won't extend the course of
      treatment for me, this is it for me and I am coming down to the wire
      now. So if anyone hs any responses for me and and all r appreciated.
      This group hs been so helpful to me and u hv always been there for me
      and I very much appreciate this.

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