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  • Tatezi
    Apr 1 9:17 PM
      She was the Queen Mum and yes, her name was also Elizabeth. She was
      married to the king that came before Elizabeth (not the mum). I believe,
      although I could very well be wrong, that The queen mum and her king
      husband had no sons so the present Elizabeth became queen.

      Whew, isn't there anyone out here from Britain to fill in the blanks for

      Anyway, the Queen Mum was a compassionate, caring and incredibly wise
      person...and those were traits that I have heard were not passed down to
      the present Queen. And I've heard that she was deeply loved and
      respected by the people of Britain.

      Isn't anyone in our group from Britain to help us out?

      I'm off to bed...been a long day and have to be up early. Good night

      Constance Dickson wrote:

      > Current events class 101
      > Meet you there Alley
      > LOL
      > Me too Alley, Who is her Mother? Is she also an
      > Elisabeth? Thought she looked good for 103 yo or
      > whatever the age was. Did she use to rule?
      > Connie
      > --- Patricia Jean <patriciajean@...> wrote:
      > > Did Queen Elizabeth die?
      > >
      > > No. Her mother did
      > >
      > > well that goes to show you how much I know lol
      > >
      > > alley
      > >
      > >
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